Tuesday, January 8, 2019


   I suppose he'll have Mr. Wallpaper himself, (VP Pence)
holding the cue cards..  Both of these cretins are so
seriously out of touch with the world that the whole
thing will look all herky jerky like those old silent
films used to look.  I imagine we shall get to see
the VP's jaws snap shut like Farfel the Nestles dog used
to do in those commercials.  Ought to be a sellout
performance, complete with a lot of whining and finger
pointing.  Not sure what the point would be of altering
your evening to have some nitwit insult your intelligence
and tell you one lie after another.
   I am sure Our Lady of The Pearls will give us an
further insight to all of this nonsense in the AM.
I did hear a rumor that Stormy Daniels will be dong
the dance of the fandango in the background while
the Donald is doing his speech. Couldn't hurt!
Of course they have regulations about Mike Pence being
alone in a room with a member of the opposite sex.
Don't want to get him too excited, it'll mess with his
daily Botox injections.

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