Sunday, January 6, 2019


    For better or worse, those are today's options for the title
of this post. Both seem to fit the times we now reside in.
Certain members of the press, as well as the priss pots of the
world, have taken it upon themselves to become
language censors. They seem to be of the notion that they
are the ones to decide what sort of language is appropriate
in any given situation. Pompous little twits. Obviously
these folks haven't turned on Cable TV within the last
25 years. So it becomes not so much as what was said, but
who said it.  Censorship, at that point, suddenly selective
and arbitrary.  I don't know about you, but I heard the
term "mother..cker" many many years ago. On a scale
of words that one could find offensive, this one is way
on the list. It has become a rather generic term. Almost
a throwaway line. Poor misunderstood Donnie has
been called much much worse., and on a daily basis.
Just thought I would share that with you.
    The "sphincter in chief" is still wanking on about the
border wall.  We have all seen this type of behavior
at the grocery store, but it usually involves a toddler
throwing a tantrum when the parent tells them they
cannot have something.  Such a petulant and
precious little thing, isn't he?


    According to recent revelations in the newspapers
there is speculation that Mitt Romney, the freshman
Senator to replace cadaver extraordinaire Orin Hatch,
has actually grown a set of stones.  What this means is
that he has had some sort of epiphany and that he will
no longer being the boring and lackluster poop he always
has been. He actually penned an editorial in one of the
national newspapers, and we almost to the point of calling
the Trumpster a "poop head".  But not quite! He didn't
tread that far afield.  It was just another lame attempt to
make himself relevant, but we are talking Utah here, and
going out on a limb has never been his forte. He joins
the ranks of good old Jeff Flake, and Susan Collins of Maine.
This is what's known as "near beer".
    And I saw that Jerry Falwell Jr. had a piece in one of the
papers this morning stating, now don't quote me on this,
that the Trumpster is, in his opinion, almost the second
coming of Christ.  His odious pal, Franklin Graham,
will be seconding the motion any day now.   This is
coming from the Salvation for bucks crowd.  Needless to
say I am not, nor will I ever become, one of the brethren.
We could certainly used some Tammy Fay Baker right about
now, just for a bit of relief from these overly pious
creatures. At least she had really cool makeup.  It was
always one of those spin and win events.  By the way,
whatever happened to Earnest Ansley, the tele preacher
that had the southern drawl and that hideous toupee?
Never could quite take him seriously  with that muskrat
looking affectation on his head.
   It also seems that all those older movies, and several
of the books that we read when we were in our budding
youth, are no longer appropriate in the  somewhat
over reaching "me-too" phase that society is currently
encountering.  Music too.   Seems to be a lot of
posturing going on involving censorship, on numerous
levels.  There is, of course, a very simple solution.
If you don't like what you see on your TV, or what you
hear on the radio, turn the damn thing off. Or, as
they say, don't read the book.  There was some sort of
condemnation about the book "Catcher IN the Rye" this
week from some book critic, who claimed the book
was about "whit privilege", or some such nonsense. Many
of us had to read this book in high school, and give our
thought in a book report. I found it to be a rather
dull book, but I read it none the less.  But it damn sure
didn't provide me with any sort of insight  or revelations
about the world.  But I have always been of the inclination
that book critics, movie critics, and music critics, are
just as pretentious  as any politician could ever be.
"No accounting for taste, eh"?  OR...." One man's trash is
another man's treasure".  Not a particularly deep thought,
but you catch my drift.
   I need coffee before my next diatribe.  It's been a while.

It' s 9:32--AM    He's back........( a la Poltergeist)

   First thing first.....
   A hearty welcome to our new members of the U.S. House
of Representatives.  Nicely Done!  We sorely needed
some fresh faces and some new ideas.  Hopefully
Paul Ryan is off shoveling shit in Wisconsin.  Good
riddance.  Maybe he and all around sycophant  Scott
Walker  can finally start a soup kitchen for the
homeless.... NOT!
    When the world seems to acting slightly askew, rather
add to the general noise, we find some way to amuse
and entertain ourselves.  To selectively turn off.  The
madness is still out there, but we don't necessarily have
to join in foray.
  With all the current hoopla about the border wall, it
barely makes  a ruffle in the local newspaper.  We are
only 60 miles from the U.S.- Mexico border. It's actually
remained pretty quiet down here.  For those not familiar
with US history, this area was a part of Mexico until
1853 and the Gladstone Purchase. That included New Mexico,
California and I believe also Texas. I suppose the point
I am trying to make is that the present  idiotic rhetoric
coming from the current occupants of the WH is pretty
damn lame, on so many levels.  The man just despises
people, unless they're wearing one of those "made in China'
red baseball caps and bowing down to his highness.
A trifle snarky perhaps, but there it is..  Discontent
among the huddled masses. 

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