Monday, November 5, 2018


    Tomorrow is voting day for the mid term elections.
We cast our mail in ballots roughly three weeks ago.
Plenty of time to do a bit of investigating about the
candidates without the perfunctory claptrap that
is so prevalent in the newspapers and on so many
of these so called "social networking" sites. For all
the possibilities that the computer can be used for,
the biggest scourge of our times is the dissemination
of misinformation, and outright lies. There doesn't seem
to be any sort of filter on all this malicious speech.
Even in the major newspapers.
  Over the last couple of weeks I have seen numerous
articles about the undecided voters, the non voters,
the usual coverage of the red hat rallies and, of course,
the new soup du jour, "white boy angst". Tsk, Tsk, life if
so unfair if you're an over privileged white boy.  You
know how this goes. They're just martyrs with a
white identity crisis( whatever that means.)  It's total
rubbish, of course, but it seems to coincide with the
numerous "people that time forgot" from the last
election. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any
Christian martyrs being burned at the stake in years.
I hear that Conservative Christian Evangelicals are really
prone to this sort of problem.  Poor things, nobody particularly
wants to listen to their  constant whining about not getting their
fair share of face time in the media. They seem inherently
pissed that they cannot make the rest of the nation think
and behave they way they want them to.  I guess the rest of
us are just a bunch of heathens.  Shit happens.
  The "Muslim" issue seems to have dropped off the radar for
this election also.  Now it's the Caravan from Central America.
Of course we are all villains in the eyes of this administration.
The real problem is that none of this group is wearing
those red MAGA baseball caps, mad in China, of course.
I understand that several of these Militia/vigilante groups
are on their way to Texas to greet this group fleeing
northward. And they're armed to the hilt, and loaded
for bear.  Itching for a rumble, as they say.

I need fresh coffee.

I shall return for an update this evening.  

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