Monday, September 24, 2018

The nonsense that shows up in your mailbox and other strange stuff....

  The proverbial horse shit is going to be flying around
at breakneck speed this week.  We ll go into "duck and cover"
mode. We'll all need a rather stout pair of hip-waders by
the end of the week.
   This Supreme Court confirmation gets more and more
bizarre with each passing day.  No scorecard will be needed,
but I do recall the grilling that the woman from Planned
Parenthood was put through, as well as the bullying that
Hillary Clinton went through about Benghazi.  This hateful
bit of showmanship is how bullies operate.  They have
no shame. This bit of ugliness is  also brought to you courtesy
of .........

I got one of their propaganda flyers in the  mail last week.
It's one of those ultra conservative, Bible thumping, Donald
Trump is the second coming of Christ, send us a donation
to further our twisted idea of what America should be, kind of
rags. Must be pals, or cohorts, with the House Freedom Caucus.
This piece of tripe lists, as it's members:Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity,
Newt Gingrich, Mike "the mannequin" Pence, Mark Rubio,
Mark Levin, and none other than Ben "I operated on my own brain"
Carson.   There are all sorts of assertions in this newsletter, but
the cux of the whole thing is that this particular group is going
to save us all from "hellfire and damnation" by sending them a
few bucks and burning every Democrat at the stake. Satan
seems to take on this very strange form these days. "Oy, did
Ted Cruz round up all those snakes for the festivities"?  Oh,
and it heaps accolades of praise on the Donald, and the
aforementioned  Supreme Court nominee.
    Actually, rumor has it that the Donald is the illegitimate
love child of Rasputin. Take a good look at Beavis and
Butthead, the two sons and you'll see the uncanny resemblance.
Poor Rasputin, if only he would have attended Trump U.
Then he could have become a member of "The Faith and
Freedom Coalition".  He certainly had the right credentials,

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