Monday, August 27, 2018


   Tomorrow will be Primary Election day down here in
Arizona.  We do our ballots by mail, so we will not have to
stand in line in the 100 degree heat.  The death of John
McCain on Saturday has turned this into an even more
bizarre event than usual.  One of the contenders for a seat in
Congress has made the rather odd assertion that McCain
made his announcement to forgo medical treatment
to damage her possibilities for her campaign.  She's one
of those creatures that wants to go further to the right than even
Donald Trump.  She sounds more than a trifle deranged,
but jumping on this peculiar bandwagon seems to be a trait
common to the Republican Party these days.  These
primaries can best be described as weeding out your garden.
But there sure has been a lot of strange assertions and
unfounded accusations floating about.  The press loves covering
the outer fringes of humanity these days. I think this
phenomenon is called "pandering."  Can't build an audience
without all the elements of farce.
    The title of the last two posts, Busload Of Faith", is actually
the title of a song by Lou Reed circa 1989.  I've always like the
song and it puts a great perspective on the times.  Grabs your
attention, too.
   This mornings news brought forth the continuing saga of
Nafta.  The big announcement was that there was some sort
preliminary agreement to have a preliminary announcement to
have a preliminary agreement about the continuing meetings
about Nafta.  Didn't make sense to me either, but this admin
seems to have a certain knack for blowing smoke up their own
asses.  Kinda reminds you of the North Korea episode with
about the same fanfare, but no real substance.  And the stock
market tends to love these announcements, even the ones that
mean absolutely nothing.  The stock market has always been
about speculation, much the same as it was right before the
big crash back in 1929.  Manipulation of numbers and facts
but way too risky and volatile for most folks.  This announcement,
like so many other aspects of this admin, is just another way
to throw a bit of shade away from the rift the Trumpster
had against McCain.  Such a petty and vindictive little shit.
I need coffee.

I'm back.

   Lasts weeks news brought all manner of craziness.  We had
the Manafort conviction, a plea bargain from  Cohen, the
mutterings from dear old Rudy, and the usual baggage of
utterances of no specific meaning from Hucklebuck Sanders,
and Kellyanne Conway.  Oh, and the usual diatribe about the
witch hunt.  Same-o, same-o !  Oh yeah, and gal about town,
Osmarasa wrote a book after getting shit canned from the
White House.  Everyone gets a book tour after one of these little
tell all, tell nothing books.  "We're Only In It For The Money" sort
of thing.  Sounds terribly shallow, but there it is.  The big revelation,
which is also nothing new, ifs that Donald is a racist.  Nothing
new there either. And does anyone believe that there is anything
more than tokenism in the appointment of Ben Carson?
New York City is loaded with info about his less than stellar
dealings and mutterings.
   All the lies and subterfuge is kinda hard to keep up with.
The founding fathers our country gave us one sure way to rid
ourselves of self serving politicians,  'VOTE THEM OUT OF
OFFICE' .   Pretending that the Donald will be impeached ain't
gonna get the job done.  That particular process has to be
initiated by Congress, and we all know that ain't gonna happen.
Hasn't happened in our history, as a nation.  It's too big of
a long shot, plus it's an embarrassment to us as a nation.
Just being realistic,  and we've all become a bit weary of reading
about the remote possibility in our daily papers.  Kinda like
"The Boy That Cried Wolf".      All for now.
   Just a bit of a ramble, what the hell

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