Sunday, July 29, 2018


     He has so many of these little tantrums that he kinda
reminds me of Linda Blair in "The Exorcist".   The only thing
missing is his orange head spinning around as he spews  green
pea soup, or some other vile concoction. If he's not wanking
on about the wall across the border, he's doing a piss and
moan about the press not kissing his ass for being the useless piece
of lying shit that he is.
   At least now you know where I stand in all of this., if you were in
doubt.  Something about fake news and that "enemy of the people"
bullshit.  I think the boy has some serious reading comprehension
issues.  "What we have here is a failure to communicate", which
came from the movie "Cool Hand Luke".    From what I have gathered
over this past year and a half is that several of the newspapers
rate his speeches by the number of "Pinocchio's " (lies) that he
utters in his little diatribes. Thank goodness I don't have to listen
to his voice.  Maybe "Our lady of the pearls" (Sarah Hucklebuck)
can decipher what sort of cryptic message he is trying to put forth,
but I rather doubt it. Every time I see some picture of her she appears
to be constipated, or in some sort of discomfort.  Maybe the
Donnie can do a "laying on of hands" and help her out spiritually.
Or at least give her a vapor.  I think she is channeling June Cleaver
in "Leave It to Beaver".  Whoosh!
   The midterms are coming and the fish seem to be getting a bit
on the helter skelter side.  We're all set with our voting credentials,
and I have seen many of the election placards going up around town.
Too many rich old white men in Congress.  Waaaay out of touch.
Greedy and self serving.  But that's just my take on things.  I won't
bore you with that sort of thing.  As in life, one must look forward,
not backward.
   It's been really hot down here in Tucson this last week.  Had a couple
of days where the temps hit 111 degrees.  One does errands early in
the day.  It's very easy to get dehydrated out here in the summertime.
It's also very dry.
    That's about it for this evening, but I shall return with more incoherent
musings very soon.  I know you didn't come here for "sweetness and light".
Shit happens.
   FYI, if one was inquiring about a rather spiffy Donald Trump pinata, I think
they still have a bunch of them in stock down in Nogales.  I must warn
you that they are full of hot air.  No candy.  Does that not surprise you?

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