Wednesday, June 6, 2018

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED.....or not!... watta putz!

    I am referring to yesterdays farce at Donnie's playground.
Poor thing had to dis-invite the photo op of the Super Bowl
champs, the Philly Eagles, just to show his petulance.
Then the ignorant sod mumbled his way though "God Bless
America" because he didn't know all the words.  Obviously had
some issues with the crib sheets, as well. From what I have been
able to ascertain, he had to prod the White House staff to
attend this event, without their official ID badges, just to bulk
up the attendance. Rather pitiful display, to say the least.
   The news is just chocked full of all sorts silly madness these
days.  Hmm, Roseanne got her show cancelled via her rants and
tweets. Tsk.  I didn't watch the first version of her TV show.  Not my
sort of thing. I always thought that brand of humor (if you really want
to call it humor) was rather boorish and mean spirited, on so many
levels.  If memory serves, wasn't she the one that grabbed her
crotch while singing the national anthem at a pro baseball game?
And although the press likes to portray this type of show as being
indicative of the blue collar workers of our nation, it's just another
form of stereotyping.  The media tends to do that shit on a daily
   We now enter to the ugliness of the midterm elections.  We
do the mail in ballot. All good to go, so to speak.  The hype is
gonna get really outlandish.  The lies and misinformation
(disinformation) has already begun. Sure am glad I don't have
my TV hooked up for broadcast. So many celebrity wannabe's.
Rumor control has it that Kanye West and Roseanne are going to
confab and write a book on existentialism. Ought to provide us
with loads of yuks when they do their book tour.
   Bugger, I need some breakfast.

   Actually, the Donald seems to a failed clone of  Boss Tweed, Kaiser
Wilhelm, an Czar Nicholas , with all the inherent ugliness of  all three
of them.  Greed and hatred aren't a good mix. And they always whine
about their ilk being treated unfairly.  And it just goes on and on and
on.  Poor things feel so persecuted.

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