Monday, June 11, 2018


   I am referring to the upcoming "summit talks" that are
soon to take place in Singapore between the Donald
and Kim.  Each of them are looking for the "yuge"
photo op.  Not sure if Ivanka is tagging along to give
another horse shit speech on empowering women, but I
wouldn't be surprised. Another fart in a windstorm, as
always.  Maybe they should just plod ahead and bring
the "Sarah' with them to provide her patented "scowl
effect". Very effective, so I have been told.
  The press has hyping about all of this for the last couple
of weeks. This little symbolic showboating isn't much
more than a photo-op for both parties.  Grandstanding
on a global scale, if you will.  Much like that little
charade at the G7 it will be about bluster and showcasing
their pettiness.. Like I said,  "Limited Expectations."
   Maybe they'll give us back the USS Pueblo.  They've had
it since 1968 and keep it proudly on display. Does anyone truly
believe that all that animosity that has been building up
over the last 60 plus years is suddenly going to evaporate.
Dream on.

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