Tuesday, May 8, 2018


   Is that it? And what does it mean?  It is either very
cryptic or someones thought processing ran out of steam.
Such utter farce coming out of this administration.  Maybe
she should have spent a bit more time with Betsy DeVos.
Or maybe that's a part of the problem.  Somebody will
most certainly decipher this bit of a mystery.  The press
seems just as confused.  This supposedly something to do
with cyber bullying, but, once again, they're more than a bit late
coming to the conversation.  Out of touch too.
   This is quite obviously another PR and photo op moment to
inform the public that the first lady can do so much more than
merely pick out a fashionable wardrobe. Not quite "No Child
Left Behind", is it?  Inspirational, not!

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