Wednesday, January 31, 2018


    That, ladies and gents, is pretty much the consensus
for last evening's State of the Union address.  Just
another boring ass pep rally, but we already knew the
basic substance of these things.  I didn't watch it, of
course.  He's just a really boring man.  Period.
    I am sure that the press is going to launch itself
into some sort of "full tilt boogie", but there is nothing
new to add to the mix.  Personally, I don't buy any of that
nonsense.  And I do believe that Mike Pence needs to lay off
on those Botox injections on his face. That sycophantic
and idolizing look that he gives the Prezbo is getting really

Friday, January 5, 2018


     I understand that Kramerbooks in Washington D.C.
is already sold out. The folks in D.C just love the juicy
little tidbits.  Might get the Kindle version, just for
shits and giggles.
   And I also have heard that McDonalds's is going to
name a cheeseburger after the Donald.  I assume it will
be a replacement for the nefarious "Wimpy Burger" of the
old Popeye days.  Do you think he has an official "food taster"?
  Back in a few.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


   There's a new wrinkle for you.  Yo', take that
tin foil off your head!  Never heard of that particular
branch of the government.  Maybe he shouldn't
stand so close to Mike Pence.  It can have a tendecy to
make those brain cells leach out onto the floor. "Clean
Up on aisle 4".  Ooey gooey and Looie! or, Great big
Gobs of Green Grimy Gopher Guts"!  Or something along
those lines.  I think he has some sort of twisted fetish
about Hillary, actually.  He does seem to bring up her name
a lot more often than absolutely necessary. Probably makes
the first lady a bit jealous.
  Just a couple of observations for a Tuesday morning.

Monday, January 1, 2018


    Just finished reading Dave Barry's "Year in Review for 2017.
It has all the elements of farce  to go along with the events
of last year.  Tongue in cheek, as they say. One has to
view all of last years events in a certain context to see just
how big a bunch of blowhards we now have in Congress,
the White House, and also those pundits in the media.
I can think of nothing more tedious than watching either CNN
or Fox News. Both can put you right to sleep with their
  I guess Roy Moore has galloped off into the sunset. Another
rather comic figure.  I'm certain he can go and commiserate
with others of his own ilk.  Kim Davis is available, I do believe.
  It's 6:30 AM, and the brain hasn't begun to cook on all burners
yet. The fireworks in the distance last night prompted the dogs
to show their disdain for the loud noises, so the sleep cycle
kept getting interrupted.  Maybe some fresh coffee will do
the trick.  Back in a few.

8:25 AM

   Yes, I finally made it back.
     It's come to my attention that the folks that hand out
the Emmy's  have added a new category to this years
festivities.  It's aptly titled "Ass kisser of the Year Award."
A few of the major contenders are : Mike Huckabee,
VP Mike Pence,  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pat Robertson,
and Franklin Graham.  I'm sure this list is just a
small sampling of the caliber of sycophants that seems so
prevalent in last years news cycles.  I guess the folks at
the Emmy's thought that "ass kisser" was preferable
to "bootlicker" or "crawler".  Semantics   I think one of
these fine folks actually had the audacity to compare
Cheeto Boy to Winston Churchill.  You catch my drift,
I am sure.  Yo, read a book, you putz! Actually, Mike Pence
can best be described as "Walking Wallpaper", or "User
   Hope all of you had an enjoyable Christmas, even though
there was a war on Christmas this year.  Must have missed that
one.  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day lounging
and enjoying the first three seasons of "Better Call Saul".
A little decadent, no?  And the dogs sang Carols for us.
Quite enjoyable.
  Hang on, Omar needs to go out
   Among other tidbits in the news is the couple that decided
it was a bright idea to deliver contraband drugs via drone to
their constituents. A new trend perhaps!  Not a big fan of
drones as they can be used for all sorts of nefarious
purposes.  Anyone who can recall that Anthrax scare a few
years ago can certainly see where all of this could be headed.
Not good.
  Did manage to watch "The Crown".  Interesting first season.
Little fatual nuggets thrown in there as well.  Always like to
learn something new..  Another interesting one is "Broken" starring
Sean Bean.  Also "Unforgotten" starring Nicola Walker.
Ensemble pieces.  "Happy Valley", as well.  Might want
to get yourself a multi-region DVD player. Opens up a whole
new horizon for viewing.  And "The Jury", with Julie Walters.
   I seem be be rambling a bit today. Such is life.  More a bit
later during the day, or as the mood strikes me.