Wednesday, May 17, 2017


   Priceless... Absolutely priceless!  This is closely akin to
having Jeffry Dahmer telling you what to stock in your fridge
for the holidays.
  At first blush I asked myself what institution of higher
education would possible invite the Prez to give an
inspirational speech.  Then I discovered that his usual
pandering diatribe was delivered to Liberty University.
This school, as far as I have been able to reconnoiter,
was founded by Jerry Falwell.  Wasn't he one of those
late night televangelists?  Right up there with Ernest Ansley,
Pat Robertson, Jimmy Sweigert, and the myriad of other
so-called spiritual and motivational speakers.   Just a
couple of steps up from a traveling tent show.  Of course
the Donald, being the carnival barker that he is, fits right
in.  They loved him primarily because he pandered to
them.   I'm sure he swiped a few quotations from his
daughters motivational book.  Why not? She culled
Bartlett's Quotations and slapped them in her book just
to give it some bulk.  Doesn't take you anywhere, but
certainly drops a few names. Same sort of shallow
  He doesn't seem to be getting a lot of admiration in the
Press these days. Something about sharing secret information
with Russia.  The Press seems to keep making comparisons
to Watergate, but this is nothing like Watergate., other than
the fact that every time the Donald opens his mouth
he seems to be uttering another lie.  See, America isn't the
first nation to elect a despot as head of the nation. He's gonna
have a log haul to complete his term in office. He's only been
in office around four months and the dissent is only only
going to get louder and stronger.
   Word has it that the first family will  be reunited in the
fall. Wonder how long that will last.  By all indicators she
does not appear to be a happy camper.  And I have my
doubts about little young Barron enjoyng the new digs and
the new school.  The press said he would be attending
St. Andrews Episcopal School.  It's a Prep School, I believe.
Wonder how he'll like the school uniform.  Probably not!
 People are already  making wagers on how long she will
say in D.C before she gets fed up and decides  she wants her
life back and makes  swift exit back to the Big Apple.
Only time shall tell.  Off for some breakfast.    

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