Friday, August 2, 2013


     The sight of those candy bars sorta gives you a case of the
munchies, doesn't it?  Yum!
     Don't you just love some of the crap you see on the web?
Gail was back at the computer yesterday just browsing, and
I hear her utter the following phrase:  "Do they think I just
fell off a turnip truck?"  I have heard her use this phrase many
times over the years we have been married.  It usually comes 
out when she spots a story that is so absurd that you just know 
that it's full of lies. 
    Mr. Squiggee, being the more politically correct member of
the family, might phrase it this way:  "Go blow smoke up somebody
else's ass".  Succinctly put, no?
     You get these wonderful little items in your email's, as well.
They usually land in the spam file, but occasionally a few of them 
slip though. It's usually the promise of something that will
A. make you fabulously rich, B.  make you glow and shine like 
a beacon in the night, or C. make your life a walk in the
    To quote the Bunk: "The bigger the lie, the more they believe".
We have all gotten those emails where someone makes some
ridiculous statement and when you prompt them to back it up
with facts, they sorta do a disappearing act.  It tends to
fall in line with the comments sections that I was referring to.
It's always a one sided monologue.  No dialog, no conversation!
I guess we're not supposed to question.  We're all supposed
to be true believers being led like lemmings to the cliff.
    BULLSHIT!  If it sounds to good to be true, or too 
convoluted to have some ring of truth,  it's just another
attempt to hoodwink you.
Skeptical? Cynical?  Moi?   No way, Jose!
   Oh, yeah, and Congress needs a vacation.  I think they
need to work for the Department of Public Works for
a couple of weeks picking up trash along the roadside.
A few weeks of home truths might just tighten up
their lazy useless asses.  When you see the pics of
these guys they always seem to have that constipated
look on their faces.  Humorless and rather 
clueless in regards to how the rest of the world lives
on a day to day basis. R2D2 had more personality
than this bunch.
    Any questions?

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