Saturday, August 3, 2013


   Speaking of which, the "Home Page" is beginning to read like
the front page of The National Enquirer. The teaser headline
contradicts itself  multiple times long before you reach the
bottom of your screen.  And, like the Enquirer, it starts to
become more of a curiosity than any real attempt at 
news gathering.
    On a more sobering note, I hear that the Koch Brothers 
might be contemplating buying a newspaper.  Talk about a
propaganda rag.  With the corporate buyouts of newspapers,
even the mere thought of this does not bode well for
journalistic integrity or even a semi balanced view of our
  One would like to be retain some semblance of optimism.
It all seems to be a control issue.  All those sacrifices
that are ancestors made to give us a better chance
at a good life, are slowly and methodically being
legislated away.  Corporate greed and the manipulation
of information seems to be the rule of the day.  
   Misinformation has always been a tool to be used
to control how people behave.   Even the news on TV 
has become nothing more than another arm of the 
entertainment budget. 
    And while we are at it, I have a question?
What is a day of your time worth?
Simple question.
What is an hour worth?
    We are not talking about market value, we are 
talking about the simple value of a day.
A. $150
B. $500
C. $1000
D. $5000

   Is this what it takes for you to get out of bed and go do
a job?   If the forces in the corporate world continue
on the present course we'll all eventually be replaced 
by some sort of robotic entity, and face redundancy.
Not a pretty picture, is it? 
   A mind certainly is a terrible thing to waste. 
I shall get to the song title in my next post.  Hang in there.

Google, please fix this problem.  It's becoming very 
tedious and makes it extremely difficult to compose or 

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