Saturday, August 31, 2013


   I enjoy audio books! My first exposure to the spoken
narrative was listening to Jean Shepherd on the radio
back in the early 60's.  This went beyond such radio
theatre productions of "The Shadow", or "The Lone
Ranger".  There were numerous shows of this type
broadcast over the radio back then. 
   If you are not familiar with Jean Shepherd, he is the
author of "The Christmas Story".  You know, the one about
the Red Ryder BB gun.  The original title of this story was
"In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash".  It has become
what is known  as a Christmas classic.
  His late night radio show was as diffused with humor as
this movie is.  His was not an "over the top" brand of 
humor.  Essays on life, would seem to be a more appropriate
   The truly great thing about books, and audio books, is that 
they put your brain to work.  You have to create your own 
visuals to go with the story.  Certain authors are better at
creating these little visuals for your mind than others.
It's always in the details.  The narrator of the audio book
can also use the voice to exude a certain nuance that
we may or may not pick up in the written word.  An effective
oratory doesn't necessarily need video to make it's
   We've all seen numerous attempts to convert a peice of
literature into an hour and a half movie. And, more often
than not, you have to wonder if they even read the book
before they attempted to do it.  Adding big name stars
won't help, either. 
   It's the Labor Day weekend!   The kids are back in school,
and life switches gears.  Twinkle has been asking for one 
of those foam fingers like Miley Cyrus has.  She also
wants me to enroll her in the local "POLE DANCING
ACADEMY", so she can get all the right moves together.
When I told her no she accused me of thwarting her
development as a future contestant on Dancing With
The Stars.  I have only seen a couple of stills that pop up
on my home page, but that was truly more than I wished to
see.  I believe her days of being a role model with
young girls is over.  She's managed to thumb her nose
at the world.  We've always suspected that it was hype and
manipulation, and this pretty much confirms it.  Where does
she go from here?  I know, she'll become a reality star or
go on tour with Janet Jackson { another one of those "I'm
misunderstood" souls.}.
   Went off on a bit of a tangent, but that comes with
the turf.   Later.

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