Friday, August 9, 2013


  Just thought you might want to take a look at these little
Gingerbread characters, based on The Nutcracker.  They all
have very specific names of course, so let's see if you can
guess them correctly.  I have seen The Nutcracker Ballet
performed at The Kennedy Center in D.C. but I don't think
I could name them.
   We, here in Squiggeeland, are not real enamoured with 
terms like "exclusive",  It's one of those expressions that
 has been so overused that it's become nothing more 
than perfunctory.
  I will tell, however, that the only place that 
you will be able to get any of these little characters is through
"Adornment Needlepoint" in Winston Salem.   Ansley will be
more than happy to hook you up, and she has all the details.
She is the owner of Adornment and informs us that this will be a 
bi-monthly club.  These can be either "stand up charactersz' or 
they can be hung as ornaments.  Much the same as the little
OZ characters.  And, yes, they all come with some really 
spiffy embellishments.  This is Squiggeeland, in case you have
   Ansley is a joy to work with, very knowledgeable, and with a 
wicked sense of humor.  Should be a fun club.  She does tease Mr. 
Squiggee now and then, but I probably deserve it.  Gail informs
me that these are comparable, size wise , to the Oz characters.
   Omar has been teaching Twinkle how the game of "tug"
works.  She does all the work, of course, and he just holds the
toy in his mouth and growls while she tries to pull it away from 
him.  He didn't get to play this game with Squiggee, but all of
our dogs have played this game.  The funniest one was
between Bubbles, who was around 75 pounds, and Squiggee, who 
was around 15 pounds.  In typical terrier fashion, Squiggee 
would generally win the game.  A combination of tenacity
and cunning.  Watching her chase Bubbles around the backyard
was a hoot, as well.  All of this exercise has had the result of
trimming down Mr. Omar, and Twinkle has developed  some
serious muscles in her back legs.  She now uses an
ottoman as a sort of springboard, to launch herself onto
the bed.  Omar's last refuge  has fallen by the wayside.
She balances herself on her back legs and resembles
one of those grizzly bears, I assume to show Omar what a
true bad ass she is.  Very comical and I swear I can hear Omar 
chuckling under his breath. When they finally do crash, they really zonk out.
Spell check has just informed me that zonk is not a real word.
What part of town do these people live in? Jeez!
   Omar still prefers his morning ride to be with just
himself and his dad.  When we all go out, Twinkle prefers
to be in the back seat with her brother.  It does amaze 
me how quickly these things work themselves out.  Man
certainly has a lot to learn.
   Anyway, I might do a little bit later today.  One of our
model shows just came back and we need to unpack it,
throw in a few more models, and send it off to Chi-town.
"Until then, keep your stick on the ice", as Red Green would say.kkkkkkk

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