Saturday, August 17, 2013


   Much of yesterday was spent doing various errands and
chatting on the phone.  Ran out of red ink for the printer, and
since we have had several new requests for Squiggee Designs
catalogs, Mr. Squiggee found himself heading out to get more
paper and pick up some ink.
    Spoke with Diana up at " DESIGNERS DESK" in Geneva, Ill,
that our model show had arrived.  She loves to tease and one
can readily see why the shop  is a popular spot.  Enthusiasm
is generally contagious,  and if you happen to make it down to
the shop in the nest month, you'll find numerous Squiggee models
to fondle and enjoy.  All sorts of goodies, and stitched by a
variety of people that just like to stitch.
   Heard from friends down in Texas, and spoke with a new shop 
up in St. Louis.  Omar and Twinkle had a banner eating day, 
yesterday. They had some ham for breakfast, a small bit of 
chicken for lunch, and by the time dinner rolled around they 
decided to opt for a small amount of chicken, some rice, and 
a dab of cottage cheese.  Twinkle can now navigate going 
down the back stairs onto the porch.    When she flings
herself off the bed she resembles one of those flying
squirrels.  With her legs outstretched  and a rather 
"helter skelter" look upon her face, you can almost 
her screaming "BONSAI"!, as she hurls herself into the 
air.  Very comical.  She'll be going to the vet on Mon. 
for her second round of puppy shots and it will be 
interesting to see how much she weighs.
   Gail posted some pictures of our new Witchy Woo
on her blog.  There never are any sketches for these
things, so the end result is never really a planned
design.  It just happened to turn out that way.
   The natives are stirring, so I had better put on some 
coffee and swing into action.
  I shall try to make it back a bit later, since I don't 
have any major errand to do today.  
   Might even have time to talk some trash.
How many of you know who Rep. Clay Davis is? 
He is a very quotable dude with a certain panache
for delivering a thought.

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