Thursday, August 22, 2013


   Somehow the posting that I wrote on Tuesday never
got published, but instead is still lingering around in the
draft file.  Whoops!  Mr. Squiggee got a bit distracted and
neglected to hit publish before heading off to see what
the dogs were up to.  We do tend to forget how disruptive
a house can get with the addition of a new puppy.  A sudden
silence in the midst of all the ruckus tends to  make you just
a bit nervous.  The little buggers get into everything, so you
are constantly on vigil.  Poochus interruptus!  And they have 
the attention span of a fruit fly.  FYI- Going out to buy any
sort of pet toy, is an effort in futility.  They would much 
rather play with whatever they can steal or pickup 
scrounging around on the floor.  Twinkle has discovered that 
she likes to crunch those thin walled plastic water bottles.
She runs through the house like she's just found the 
"Hope Diamond"., and trying to get it away from her is 
like trying to capture a greased piglet.  Omar did this when he
was a puppy, too.  His specialty, these days, is to remove
the little plastic caps from the tops of the same water bottle.
Once the top is off, he's done his deed and he passes the
torch to Twinkle.  "Your turn, sis!  Do your damage!"
     Our trip to the vet went very well.  She has been
with us for one month and has gained 3 pounds.  I would
venture to say that she's probably 4 to 5 inches longer, as 
well.  A growth spurt, you might say. They expel a lot
of energy, so any movement towards the kitchen 
always manages to  catch their attention.  We cooked
some pork chops in the crock pot  yesterday and
they both paced and fretted until the cooking was
complete.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Then
they would come over and give you a poke to
remind you that they were waiting. "Try not to
get any food on the walls, guys"!  I do believe
they enjoyed their dinner.
   Ah, I can hear the natives stirring.  Just thougt I
had better post something.  Hugs and kisses
to our pal Saundra, down in Texas.
More in a while!  A man with a mission.!

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