Monday, August 26, 2013

For what it's worth........

   We spent Sunday morning watching the last two episodes
of   "Boardwalk Empire".  This was the third season. And
then we watched some of the special features on the last
disc. We are not big fans of the audio commentary on specific
episodes.  If you just watched the episode why would you
need someone to explain it to you.  No, the extra features 
on this one were with the directors and writers.  Even
Martin Scorsese had some pretty interesting viewpoints.
They spoke of story boarding, lighting, and setting up 
the shots and sequences of various scenes.  For some 
people this may seem like rather geeky stuff, but it's that
attention to detail that really make some of these shows
   For those unfamiliar with the show, it's time frame begins
with the enactment of the Volstead Act in 1919.  Prohibition.
This was a very volatile period of time in American history.
The gangster was born.   The wild west was back in play.
Anything goes, so to speak.  The effects of this era are very
much still with us.
  Many of the shows characters are drawn right out of the 
historical documents of that era.  These people did
their research.  We have the first three seasons on DVD,
and we have a tendency to devour this sort of thing.
I couldn't imagine waiting a week anther for the next 
episode.  Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that this is an
HBO production.  We have never been cable subscribers.
For each show that we would enjoy, there are at least 
ten that we would not.  Not a good investment.
   We do have quite a number of DVDs/ movies that 
encompass events of the mid 1800's to the mid
1900's , on a worldwide scale. It is a rather
fascinating time period.  Innovation meets violence.
A rather frightening combo.
   The natives are up and the trash man has come and gone.
Omar has done his duty.
Later!   I shall edit when I get back.

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