Wednesday, August 7, 2013


   Twinkle, the new member of the family, is now 3 months
old.  The photo above was taken of her yesterday while she 
was lounging on the bed.  I think she might have been laying 
in wait for Omar to return.  Play time is essential, of 
course, and King of the Mountain has always been a favorite 
game with all of our furry little children.  Twinkle has become 
hip to this game pretty quickly and prances around on top 
of the bed just daring Omar to try to get on the bed.  He 
could get up there so easily but he knows and loves the game,
so he plays it out knowing that when he is on top of the bed
she can't jump high enough to get up there.  It's a rather
comical little game they play.
  Last night, while we were watching a movie, we happened
to notice the two of them laying side by side on the lazyboy.
The bond has been forged, and she just loves him to bits.
For him, the little stranger is a stranger no more.  All that
extra energy he expels playing with her, and keeping
track of her, has really helped him get over the loss
of Squiggee.  I haven't noticed him sleeping in Squiggee's
little bed at night, which is also a good indicator.  Twinkle 
has decided to use the bed as a place to stash her
toys during the day.  Put them in, take them out, and put them 
in again.  Omar has also taken to walking over to her while 
she is sleeping and just poking her in the side with his nose,
just for "shits and giggles".  "  Wake up, you little shit, and 
let's play"!   Fun is where you find it. Simple pleasures.
   Ever onward.
   Adding the new pup to the household is always a bit of 
a wrench at first.  At any  given time during the day the
new addition decides that it needs to be in your lap, or
right next to you.  The first place to look for Twinkle,
when I have made the rounds of all her little hiding spots,
is in Gail's lap at the drawing table.  Omar did the same thing
when he was a puppy.  It's a comfort zone for them, and they
can get themselves in some of the strangest positions.  Of
course the camera is never nearby when you want it to be 
there.  Digital cameras make a certain noise when you turn
them on, so you have to turn the camera on before you
enter the room if you plan on getting a picture.
     Sometimes when you sit down to write something, what
you wind up with is not what planned to talk about.  Just
took a different direction.
     The children have arisen, so I need to take them out.
Puppies are not known for their control, so routine
becomes a part of the training. 
  I shall edit a bit later.  Enjoy

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