Sunday, December 2, 2018


     Yes, December is upon us. And, for what it's worth,
one of my favorite songs at this time of year is aptly
titled "The Christmas Waltz".  My favorite version
is sung by Nancy Wilson.  It's as smooth as silk and
just can't help but perk you up.  Just thought I would share
that with you.  You can find it on many of the music
streaming services.  The pics at the top of the page
kinda sets you in the mood.
   Yesterday's mail brought us the new "Sharper Image"
catalog.  This is always kind of a hoot to look through.
Loads of wondrous gadgets to be found for those that
like to incessantly dabble in the latest in new tech.Prices
to match, of course. Not big on practicality, however.
About what you expect.
   It won't be too long before Dave Barry gives us his
take on this seasons more useless gifts. He's always had
this rather peculiar and humorous take on these sorts
of things.  And we could certainly do with a bit of
levity these days.
  Most of the newspapers tody are chocked full of
litanies for George Bush (The first) who died on
Fri or Sat.. I am not sure if there will be an attempt
to canonize him or give him some sort of sainthood.
One can only subject oneself to a certain amount of this
before your brain goes into "tilt" mode.

Monday, November 26, 2018


  I can, however, validate your virtual parking pass.
I suppose next Saturday will be called "Small
Business Saturday", or something of that sort.
It seems a trifle ass end backwards, but that's
just my take on the whole shebang.  This sort of
hoopla is never about boosting small businesses.
This is what's commonly referred to as a "corporate
event". A Festivus for the huddled masses. Like
I said, I am not a trendy shopper. And crowds searching
for the newest toys are, for the most part, in a rush
and a trifle on the rude side.  Window shopping ain't
what it used to be, or my tastes have changed. I
think the latter is probably the closest to the truth.
   Need to get some coffee.  Actually I have a few
errands to run this morning, so I had best get dressed
and be on my bike, as they say.  Later!    

Friday, November 23, 2018


   The reason I know this is because yesterday's local
newspaper was about 3 inches thick, chocked full of
adverts for every conceivable product known to mankind.
The actual newspaper, sans the ads, was only about a half
an inch thick.  Beaucoup bucks spent on advertising to
entice John Q Public to "come on down" for the el biggo
bargain for some truly overpriced shit. I have to wonder
just how many gizmos and electronic gadgetry does one
really need to function these days.  After all, most of this
crap will become redundant within a year or so.  Hardly
seems worth the effort, doesn't it. Our so-called modern
world chases new found  celebrities and tech gadgetry
with the same degree of zealotry these days. I have always
been what one could describe as a shitty consumer. Such
is life on the planet.
   Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  We opted
for a couple of Cornish Game Hens this year.  This also
cuts down on the leftovers too.  Buy the time you get down
to the last bits of Turkey it's gotten pretty dry, and even the
dogs don't seem particularly interested in it either. Spoiled little
dogs, but I can't say that I can blame them.  They like variety
as well.
  Rumor has it that Donnie is having the Defense Department
fabricate some "human catapults" that can be used down along
the border.  Saves oodles of time on paperwork, too.  Just plop
em in the chair and toss them a quarter mile or so across the
border.  Kinda like a giant slingshot.  Rough landings of course,
but you know what they say, "Outta sight, outta mind. They haven't
named this new marvel weapon, but I am confident that
our man of the brain trust, Mike Pence, will do a confab with his
prayer warrior and come up with something catchy. Or not!
I think his Botox injections are wearing off. Maybe Betsy DeVos
can pilfer some public school funding to help offset the costs
of this new weapon.
   Poor Donnie has been in a real pissy mod since the end of
the mid-terms.  He seems to be slinging his hook in all
directions .  Reminds me of the country song "Lookin' For Love
In All The Wrong Places".  Yo', you can always depend on Sarah
for a bit of creepy crawly support, but it must be accompanied  with
pearls and a scowl. And a curled up lip to make that contempt
for humanity seem just a bit more emphatic.  It's just a gift that the
girl has, I suppose.  I'll wager that her eyes glow in a darkened room.
Seems a trifle petty of me, doesn't it?  But the girl hardly exudes any
sort of warm and cuddly vibes. "A Benzedrine puff adder" comes to
mind. Her head is not spinning around, spewing pea soup, but I'll
bet that maneuver is part of her repertoire.
   That's about it for the moment, but I might be back a bit later
with more nonsense.