Tuesday, February 14, 2017


   Just a few errands to take care of this morning,
but I shall return

Saturday, February 4, 2017


     Just as I thought, more of the same nonsense.
The minor ramblings of that soulless nutter
in our nations capitol are not all that interesting
or informative.  I did hear something about a
massacre in Bowling Green, but the details were a bit
sketchy.  Maybe in that parallel universe we've been
hearing so much about.
   I did pick up one of those crowns from Burger
King to wear around our humble abode, but after
I wrote "King Donald" on it with magic marker, Gail
snatched it off my head and ran it through the shredder.  I
thought of tweeting just to show my umbrage to my
constituents, but I figured it wasn't worth getting up
at 3 AM  to adhere to this new tradition.  You know how
America loves this trendy shit.  I think 140 characters just
about maxes it out them brain cells.
    The new one this morning is "Dress like a Woman", which
appears to be some new directive for female members of
the White House staff.  I guess coming to work in those
pole dancing outfits is no longer apres po.  I guess mini skirts
have come back in fashion again.  I think whatever
medication that he's using for hair growth is seeping into his
brain.  I know it wasn't from his exposure to Agent Orange.
I wonder if he's going to install a catwalk like they have at
all those Paris fashion shows, and have the staffers do a strut
by the Oval Office for him each morning.
   I don't think I can ever recall any photos of White House
employees dressed in any manner other than professional. Even
using such a phrase as "dressing like a woman", shows just how
truly out of touch he is with the rest of the world.  What a pitiful
excuse for a human being.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


   As you have probably surmised from yesterdays
post, I was more than a bit miffed.   Maybe miffed isn't
quite the right word to describe how I felt, but going
into full blown rant served no purpose. The head Cheeto
is doing quite enough of that all on his own. In my lifetime
I can't ever recall being so aghast and ashamed of a
President of my country.
  And, as much as I hate to bust the Donald's bubble,
my fellow citizens mingle on the streets of this country
every day and even manage to treat one another with
civility and respect.  Random acts of  hatred and
violence are just that.  Random.  That's not what you
and I see when we head out on a day to day basis.
Respect, civility, and politeness still matter in this
world.  I seem to recall something called "The Golden
Rule".  "Do unto others"..... Still applies, folks.
  Gotta get dressed and run to the grocery store.