Friday, December 2, 2016


    Actually, I think he drank too much Tang when
he was young.  Obviously his au paire mixed it a
trifle too strong, and it leached out to create that
specific color palette.  Or too much time in the
tanning bed.
   His dream team is also getting a lot of press,
as well.  From what I can surmise, even Sarah Palin
may be entering the cabinet on some level. Might
have something to do with kegs of beer, but the
details have been sketchy.  Instead of having
the Inaugural Ball, she can be the party planner
for all those "kegger and tail gate parties in the
Nations Capitol on Inauguration Day.  We still
have a lot of those Donald Trump pinatas left over,
that were smuggled across the Mexico/US border.
No candy, just hot air.. Just as thought to keep it
all festive.
    He's not even in office yet, and he's already become
universally despised. He will, of course, get an
atta' boy from Tammany Halls very own Boss Tweed.
Somebody lock up the good silverware, the carnival
is coming to town.  Actually, this is more like one
of those Medicine Show/ Revivals where they sell
some sort of snake oil that cures all common ills,
from the back of a pickup held together with
bailing wire and duct tape.
   Shit, I need some coffee.
   I did catch a rumor that  Ted "The Prophet" Cruz
is going to have his own cabinet position, as well.
He gets the dubious honor of policing the Congressional
bathrooms for nefarious interlopers. He's obviously
received a special dispensation that will allow him
carte blanche to "check under the hood" before
entering the shitter.  Good for you, Ted.  Performing
you civic duty to keep us all safe.
   Having Ben Carson in the cabinet is still a bit on
the iffy side.  After all, he did operate own his
own brain.  Epic-fail!  Should have kept up the
malpractice insurance payments, but I guess it's
rather difficult to sue yourself.  He would probably
appeal it anyway.  Any way the wind blows, eh Ben?
If Jeffrey Dahmer weren't dead, he would be in charge
of the deli at the White House.
   Maybe we shall all have to wait for more of
those 3 AM tweets to find out what is happening in this
country.  I think he is Rasputin in drag, actually.  He's
come back to save us from ourselves.  Putz!
  All for now!  It is free speech, don't you know?
But, as Sen Clay Davis would say:
"That's some shameful shit"!
PS- Hi to my friend in Asheboro.

Minor Update

   The rumor mill has it that the NRA will be
providing the fireworks for the Inauguration.
Since they have been so vocal about repealing
any sort of gun legislation in the US, why not
put their theory to the supreme test and allow
"open carry" at the Inaguration and institute
"open carry" in the halls of Congress? After all,
since they seem to be of the opinion that every
citizen should be armed with some sort of
weapon, what better time to test their theory
out.  We citizens won't mind.  You do want our
confidence in this new administration, don't you?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brrr! 29 degrees in Tucson this morning.

  Even the cacti don't like this sort of nonsense.
And a bit of a shout out to my follower in Asheboro.
Seems to be a daily visitor. As far as I can tell it's in NC.
   And a big Hello to you, as well..

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


   Good morning!
   Over the last three weeks we have been constantly
barraged by the media about this election and it's
potential ramifications. Judging by the amount of
overt speculation, we will be witnessing a Coronation
on Jan. 20th, rather than an inauguration.
   Of course there are still 50 plus days until the
Coronation, and I am sure he's got a few more rabbits to
pull out of his hat.  And the press seems overtly
confused by his choices for the cabinet positions.
Obviously they weren't paying much attention to
what he has been spouting all these years. He, and
his confreres will, in all probability, make attempts to
rewrite the U.S. Constitution, as well.
   We shall just have to see how all of this plays out.
It's just one lie covering up another lie. 
He's not even in the Oval office yet, and already
he's more despised than any President Elect than
anyone that I can ever remember.. If I
can't respect you as a human being, I certainly
can't respect you as my President. I make
no apologies.  That's just the way I feel on the
whole matter.
   Anyway, I have a few things to do this morning,
but I shall be back in a while.  We shall move on
to other matters.

Actually I think the Donald would make an excellent
needlepoint distributor.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

  From all of us in Squiggeeland, here's wishing all
of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  It is a day for
sharing, giving thanks, and being kind to those that you
share this planet with
from Ken, Gail, Omar, and Twinkle! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


   Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving Day. It's the spirit
of the holiday that will help us transcend a lot of the
nastiness of this last election cycle, and it's ongoing
aftermath.  Hope you and yours have an enjoyable

   Election Day was Nov. 8th. If you thought the media
coverage was atrocious before the election, you are
now getting a real glimpse of how truly out of touch
with the rest of the world they truly are. All those polls
they trotted out for the last 18 months were pretty
useless.  And they are still wildly speculating about
what they missed.
   If you look at the real end results of the voting,
there no landslide vote for change.  The halls
of Congress stayed about the same.
  The popular vote, as of this yesterday morning,
 broke down to

63,649,978    Clinton
61,943,670    Trump
  1,706,308     Margin of popular victory for Clinton.

51 Republican Senators
46 Democratic Senators.

238 Republican Representatives
194 Democratic Representatives.

   This is hardly a landslide victory.  The only major
player in this past election is the Electoral College,
who, in reality, is not even a person.  That, unfortunately,
is how this election was determined, not on the basis
of the real vote tallies.
  This is how we are going to wind up with an
overly thin skinned "Mr. Cheeto" as our representative
for the next four years.  The only saving grace in all of
this is that there is a mid term election in 2018, and all
members of the House of Rep. are up for reelection.
And 33  seats in the Senate.
  So now we get to watch him back peddle on so many
things he promised the voting public. And that's a
rather dubious and shadowy cabinet he's assembling
around him.
  Back in a bit.  Breakfast time

5:40 PM and it's rather obvious that I did not
make it back after breakfast.  Phone calls and visitors
will do it every time.  I will have to get up a bit
early in the morning to get to this blog when it's not
quite as busy.  Catch you in the AM.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Popular vote tallies:

60,071,781  Hillary Clinton
59,791,135  Donald Trump

The winning margin is 280,646 votes and
the winner of the popular vote is Hillary Clinton.

  The Electoral Vote is not actually a person.

   Actually, America did speak, and it was a close
race.  Through all the nonsense and innuendo,
and all the lies and disinformation hurled at her,
she kept her professional composure and dignity.
   She has served our country proudly for many
years. And I, for one, thank her for representing
our nation on so many levels. As we watched and
listened to her during the debates, and throughout
her career in public service, she never disgraced our
   Thank you Hillary!
You wuz robbed!