Tuesday, October 16, 2018


    We received our midterm ballots in the mail on
Saturday.  And I mailed them out at the PO on Monday.
Aside from the election there were various propositions
to vote on.There was also a section on judicial performance
for various judges.  This is one of those retain/reject
sort of votes.  It takes a bit of time to wade through the last
bit of this, but this is one of those places where the computer
comes in quite handy since most of these types of things are a
matter of public record.  It's all rather painless, but it does
require a bit of initiative.  Not sure how some of the other states
can manage to make such a mish mosh of the voting process,
but I think in some cases this is quite intentional as a way to
discourage people from voting. Arizona has a pretty good system.
Quite painless.
   The newspapers have been chocked full of all manner of
nonsense..  Not particularly informative, but chocked full of
innuendo and speculation.  They do love their polls, and judging
by their performance during the last election, you might  think
they would have learned some sort of lessons about how misleading
all that nonsense can be.  They have proven that over and over this last
couple of years.  When you start to skew your questions to get a
desired outcome it only adds to the overall noise.  There is a lot
of money being spent on negative propaganda  and misinformation
at this point in time. And, for the most part, the papers all seem to
be playing "follow the leader".  Sowing the seeds of confusion, is
about the best phrase I can come up with.
  And the comments sections in several of these newspapers lack
any sort of editorial control over the comments section. One of the
absolute worst I have come across is the Washington Post. Many of the
commenters don't even attempt to stay on topic.  It, more often than
not, resorts to "Yo' mama this and Yo' mama that", just like you used to
hear on the playground of an elementary school. Adolescent behavior.
There is also a lot of name calling, as well.  And you keep seeing
the same names popping up, as though they have nothing better to
occupy their time.  "Libtards and libturds" are frequent adjectives in
a number of these posts.  We have such a grand vocabulary and this
is the best they can come up with. Ol' Jeff Bezos needs to spend a
couple of bucks on someone to edit this shit. Lord knows since he is the
owner of both Amazon and the Wash. Post, he ought to be able to spare a
shekel or two. The WAPO is starting to read like a real corporate rag
these days. A bit too rightward leaning these days, but with most of
their advertisers also being major corporations, one mustn't go to far afield or
they will pull their advertising dollars out of the kitty.
      Hang on.  Need to put the chicken in the oven.

OK, I've got the bird in the oven.I had four little eyes peering at me the
whole time. They will haunt the oven until it's almost done, and from
that point they will keep coming over here to get my attention
and make sure I don't overcook it.  Bless their little hearts.
   I am not quite sure why the media continues to cover all of
the Orange guy's pep rallies.Kinda reminds you of that movie "Groundhog
Day".  Just one repeating event, over and over and over. And all those
free red hats all the way from China. A real eye catcher too.  Even Kanye
West has one of these lovely items.  I am kinda surprised that they
could find one big enough for his head. There's just sooooo much
stuff in there. I'll wager he has some kind of containment vessel at him
abode to help him keep track of it all.  I do see his picture almost
every week in something called "Us magazine",  so I am quite sure that
he is just too fascinating for words. Or so I have led to believe.  I am
still not quite sure what exactly it is that makes him a celebrity, but I've
never been into the celebrity worship kind of thing. He does love to talk about
himself just like his pal, Donald. Gee, that and five bucks will get you a
cup of coffee at Starbucks, maybe. You gotta laugh at this shit. Who could
possibly make this crap up?   Sorry, just being a bit snarky!
  My award for the most subversive person in America goes, hands down,
to Sen Mitch McConnell.  America's true corporate whore. For all that
time in Congress he sure hasn't done anything for his constituents in the
sate of Kentucky. If I recall correctly, wasn't his state one of the one's
where the teachers went out on strike because of low pay. This bunch sure
doesn't think much about educating the youth of this country. Arizona
also has problems with this. Not very forward thinking, I might add.
   We have managed to preserve what is left of our sanity, with audio
books and a good selection of DVD's.  Our TV is not hooked up for
broadcast, so we do not have to be subjected to some prattling nitwit
offering his, or her, proverbial wisdom on how much fuller our lives
could be if we would just listen to them and their wondrous advice.
You know how it is..... Everybody talks but nobody is really
listening.  or Yada Yada Yada.

     To quote Mose Allison:
  " Your mind is on vacation
   But your mouth is working overtime".

Nice tune, as well.
The chicken is done, and the beasts are on the prowl. Ta!

Friday, October 5, 2018


   There are not going to be any surprises  This
is a recurring scenario with our present Congress.
Both sides share in the blame for this rather
hideous display.  That little dweeb was chosen
for his ideology, and willingness to toe the party line.
A shill. And a protector of corporate interests.
He was chosen for much the same reason that
Pence was the choice for VP.  Theological intolerance.
So this is not merely about Roe. v Wade. This goes
a hell of a lot deeper.  Ultimately it's all about control.
  And the vote is the only way to get change.