Wednesday, October 19, 2016


   Obviously, the media is hoping for some sort of
donnybrook at tonight's debate. Since this
is taking place in Vegas, I imagine the bookmakers
are taking odds on how many times they can
drag the debate down into the gutter. This debate,
for all practical purposes, is a waste of.time. Tonight's
debate will be reality TV. The entertainment value of
all of this is just about nil. This makes the Jerry Springer
show look like educational television.
  If you are seriously waiting for this debate to help you
to decide who to cast your vote for, you might have
been listening, but your comprehension skills ain't for
   And no matter how much tripe the press seems to spew
out, there always seems to be this one upmanship game
going on to see who can go farther afield  with idiotic
speculation.  Nothing newsworthy, just ever more
fodder for the grist mill.  Doesn't even need to pass
the sniff test for credibility, either.
   These days you really do need to make the effort to
find out who and where these stories are coming from.
There are numerous propaganda outlets masquerading
as news sources.  And all their stories, and I use that
term very loosely, have the same bent or flavor.
And they are never positive about anything, ever.
But just because you say it don't mean that it's
necessarily true.  And there are plenty of people out there
that will believe anything that they see in print is the
truth. Verification just takes too much effort.
   I wonder if we'll hear anything more about his band
of vigilanties that will be out there making sure that he
gets all the votes he deserves.  He does seem to be
grooming his own home grown ISIS right here on his
own home turf.  Of course he shall be lurking in the shadows
enjoying the mayhem he helped to create.  That's the
way bullies always work.
   Anyway, our votes are cast.  More in a little while.


     Finally, but my early ballot is all filled out and going to
the Post Office this morning.  Gail's ballot, as well.  We
have performed our civic duty.  It did take a few hours
to scope out the local and state issues, but the computer
makes it a lot easier than reading the all the propaganda
leaflets out there.
  At least now I don't have to worry about being accosted
outside the polling booth areas to insure that the election
is not rigged.  I think the only one trying to rig it thus far is
the Donald himself. But he's been talking that same shit for the
last eighteen months.  I think that is what is known as "an
exit strategy".  He was, and still is, a man without a plan.
   I did see that Sen. John McCain gave radio interview and
stated that if Hillary was elected President that the
Republican Party would block any nominee she made to
replace the missing Supreme Court judge. Well, excuse me
John, but that almost sounds like obstruction. Party before
country. Not particularly patriotic, I might add.   A real
shining example for the youth of America, as well.
   Apart from anything else, the major portion of my
umbrage is for a Congress that has failed us time and
again, to simply do the job they were elected to do.
If you don't perform the duties of your job in the
blue collar world, you're out on your ass.  Our Congressional
leaders may be able to talk the talk, but they certainly
haven't accomplish much of anything. Oh, yeah, and
that  9/11 bill to sue Saudi Arabia, the only ones that will
profit from that one will be the lawyers. I think that is
called enabling, although you folks love to display that
overly patriotic facade., and further merchandise a tragedy.
Ought to be able to drag that one through the courts
for another ten years or so.  Shades of "Bleak House",
so to speak. Maybe even a class action suit if you really
feel inclined to "take 'em to the cleaners".  Must be
my cynical side coming through.  Maybe it's all  that
media hype I have been subjected to.  They can
really put a spin on things, can't they?
  You hang on to those conspiracy theories, Donald,
because that's about the only thing you got going for
yourself.! Maybe you can parlay that into higher ratings
when you start up that TV network you've been dreaming
about.  That'll really give Fox News some competition, eh?
Then you call tell the world "how it is", and how you
"wuz robbed", and you can do it 24/7, like some
never ending tape loop.  PS, please take Rudy and Don King
with you.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


  We received our ballot for the election in the
mail yesterday. There are all sorts of local  and
propositions on this thing.  Bond issues, etc.
one of the more interesting  aspects of this
particular ballot concerns the questions about
whether to retain in office the various judges.
One AZ. Supreme Court judge, one appeals court
judge, and sixteen Superior Court judges.
Since we're not given any info on these judges,
the burden on us citizens is to track down
their court decisions.  That's about the only thing
we can base this on.  The newspaper is pretty
useless on this point.
   One can deduce that all of these judges are
appointed, and not elected.  Ousting any of these
judges gives the Gov. of AZ. to put one of his chums
into the judicial system.  Someone that aligns with
his vision for the future of the state. To put it
as politely as I can, he's not real big proponent of
education in this state, among other things.  I
wouldn't trust him to walk my dog.  This is the
same guy that decided that the state needed two more
Supreme Court justices, and that he should be
the one to appoint them both.  I think this is
politely called "rigging the system".  Not kosher, in
my book.  Not real good for democracy, either.
Once they're in place you'll have to blast them out.
They can do a lot of damage from the bench.
   One has to really keep an eye on what is happening
in local and state elections.  There has been an
awful lot of rather dubious legislation coming out
of state legislatures the past few years, and eventually
it's going to clog up the courts with challenges.
Time for breakfast.


    Good morning.
    For those of us that read the news, Bob Dylan was
recently the recipient of a Nobel Award for literature.
The title of this post is actually the title of one of his
songs from back in the 60's.  There were numerous
articles in the newspaper the day this was announced.
Of course there are always the disgruntled that feel
the need show their dissatisfaction with the choice.
The award was for literature, and although he is
first and foremost a songwriter, it is certainly an
appropriate honor to be given the man.
  I first heard his music back in 1964. I think the
album was titled "Freewheelin".  "Blowing In the Wind"
was a song on that album. Another song was
titled "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright".  It was
the words and the delivery of those words that
caught your attention.  But there were also a couple
of other songs that really caught my attention. One
was "Masters Of War", and the other was "Oxford Town".
At a time when so much of the popular music was
rather lightweight , his lyrics poked at our social
consciousnesses. That's what folk music has always
done.  His words made us look at things with an
ever changing perspective. I was only about 16 when
I first heard his music.  Most of us can remember
where we were when we first hear a song.  I was
in Boston on a weekend pass from the Army when I
first heard "Positively 4th Street".  I can still recall
that moment in that little basement apartment.
  Anyway, he did, and still does, make us sit up and listen.
There are many ways to define literature..Never
begrudge a person their accomplishments.  And I
do want to thank him for those insights.
   "You don't need a Weatherman to know which
way the wind blows".

All for the moment..

Thursday, October 13, 2016


  There are 26 days left until the election.  It has been one
tediously long affair.  I cannot think of any issue or group
of people that has not been trivialized, vilified, or marginalized
over the last 18 months.  I think that is the most disturbing
part of all of this. Vying fora slice of the  readership market  has
rendered the media no better that the tabloids that you
see at the grocery store checkout line.   I think the operative
word these days is "trending".  It's in all the news feeds on
your computer home pages and on Facebook.  It's the
proverbial hook to get you to read something that resembles
a "tweet". A sound bite, as it were.  Not big on info, but
who has the time to read anyway.
    We've also been hearing an awful lot of threats these
days too.  The election is rigged, blah blah blah!  I think the
last bit I saw this morning was about placing some of his
confreres around the polling places to intimidate insure that
there was nothing hinkey going on when you go to vote..
Last I checked, when you went in to cast your vote, you
are alone in the voting booth.  Nothing but you and your
conscience. Am I missing something here?
   Sorry, but you simply cannot boast about your disrespect for
everyone else on this planet and expect to get elected. And,
contrary to what the media gurus imply, civility and courtesy
does matter. Particularly on the world stage. And, the last
time I checked, we do have a constitution. Checks and
   The founding fathers were under the assumption that
our elected members of Congress would write and pass
legislation for the good of this country. At this point in time
I would venture to say that our  present members of Congress
are an "Epic Fail".  Somehow the same bunch of do nothings
get reelected, and then point the finger elsewhere when nothing
gets done.  They have been doing the same shit for the last
30 years.  And we do need term limits. Because, without  the
ability to compromise,we would not have a nation.
   This will be my last posting of the political nature.  I have
found this whole election cycle deplorable.  Life goes on.
With all the information available at our fingertips I am still
amazed how easily people allow themselves to be
manipulated by innuendo and disinformation. I guess it
just takes too much effort and time to be an informed
citizen these days.  Much too busy, etc.
  "Vote Your Conscience"!.
And my next blog will bring you  a couple of  interesting
stories. Anyone remember "The Beltway Bandit"?
Poor thing never had an original idea.
Yes, she's still getting someone to do knock offs of other
 people's designs.. She's a sort of Internet Troll  looking for
inspiration.  See you in the morning.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


   After all, he's been doing the same schtick for at least
the last twenty years or so.  And he's been vilifying anyone that
does not agree with his vision for the last 18 months. Fame and
celebrity status can certainly bring out the worst in some people.
And there is a very big difference between arrogance  and
   And the "chicken shit of the day" award goes to Sen. John
McCain who is now saying that he can't bring himself to
vote for Trump, but will do a write in of a conservative republican
just to show his disapproval of this party's candidate.  Atta boy
John, show the American voter how flushing your vote down the
toilet is fulfilling a civic duty.  Useless piece of shit!  Asshole won't
get my vote, that's for damn sure.  Gutless wimp!
    Supposedly Ben Carson is saying that all of this is some sort
of propaganda to make the candidate look bad.  Yo, numb nuts,
those were is own words.  Nobody held a gun to his head and
made him say all that shit.  Over and over again to anyone within
earshot. I think our man Ben attempted to do a bit of brain surgery
on his own brain. The Republican Part knew exactly what they
were dealing with when they put his name forward as a
candidate.  For them to suddenly act shock and begin to scatter
like cockroaches to distance themselves from him is just a bit
too late.  Suffer the consequences of your own choice,since you
wanted this fool so badly..
   There is a debate tonight, but I fear people will only be watching
it for entertainment purposes.  And that's the real pathetic part of this
election cycle.  And the media covers it all like it's such a trivial
pursuit.  Like there is nothing else going on in the world besides the
side show they have created..
   All for now

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


   Another debate last night.  This one was with Mike Pence and
Tom Kaine, the VP running mates.  There was nothing new.
The Donald and the Republican Party wanted a lap dog.  And they
certainly picked  the right man for the job. For a man that touts
himself as a devout Christian, he seems to have the same disdain
for the human race, and women's rights in particular.  And wasn't
he one of those Governors that wanted to de-fund Planned Parenthood?
Like I said, there is nothing new here.
   The press corps like to mamby pamby with this sort of thing.  They
give us some wonky horseshit about who was more aggressive, etc.
But that is just their view, and it's not any more relevant than yours
or mine.  These people get paid for thinking up all these little
scenarios,  and they just come off as being as equally vague as
the candidates they cover. No answers.  Not even a whiff.
  There is really not much in the way of honor in following
blindly a man who is so obviously unqualified to lead our
   The press, with all their blather, likes to create labels for
groups of people.  They would like you to believe that
they know what the "millennials", the "Evangelicals", and
even the "third party voters" are thinking.  But we are
talking about individuals, not groups.  They keep trying to
lump people's beliefs into some convenient little narrative,
so they can make these broad assertions. No two ideas
or opinions are they same.  Everyone has a variable,
depending on their experiences in life.  We all have individual
choices to make and I, for one, really take umbrage with
trying to portray people with such broad and vague brush
   From the day you are born, life is about change.  Life is
about moving forward.  Donald Trump and his ilk are about
moving backward.  It's not about freedom, it's about
control and repression.