Friday, September 23, 2016


    I would venture to say that many of my fellow citizens
have become so repulsed by the election cycle of the
last 18 months that they have become quite burned out
with all of this nonsense.  We have 50+ days left of this shit,
and with the first debate coming up, it's just going to ramp up
even more.
   Over the last couple of months I have cancelled two
newspaper subscriptions.  One was the local paper and the
other was an online digital subscription.  They were cancelled
for the same reason.Yes, I do realize that outsourcing is
the new norm, but it's the incessant pandering and  lack
of any sort of verifiable information that I find unworthy of
a news publication.  They seem to be printing what can
best be described as "innuendo", with nothing to back it
up.  Remember that supposition of "innocent, until
proven guilty"?  Isn't that the backbone of our criminal
justice system?  Our lynch pin?  Well, "freedom of speech",
also means that I have the freedom not to listen.
   The most compelling phrase to come out of the election
cycle of the last eighteen months actually came  from the
mouth of Sen Ted Cruz, at the end of the Republican
Convention.  It was just these three simple words:
       "Vote Your conscience"
   In those three words he stated everything that each
of us should endeavor to do when we step into that
ballot box to cast our vote.  He was booed, of course,
because he refused to endorse a man that he did not
deem qualified for the job.  He was booed by the very
same mob that want to elect the very same man that
the Senator refused to endorse.
    The cowardice I referred to in my previous blog post
title refers to the willingness to blindly follow and back
someone that is so unqualified, and do so without question.
That is real cowardice.  This type of cowardice is not new.
We saw in on display, in full bloom, during the last
century.  The chaos that ensues will grow even uglier.
And, as far as I can recall, we do still have a Constitution,
so the vast majority of that lofty bullshit that is being
touted , under our current system, could never come
to pass.  Unless, of course, he plans to get rid of Congress.
   Don't get me wrong, Ienjoy reading the newspaper and
being informed. When you start to blur the lines between
opinions and factual information, everyone gets
short changed.  And all those polls mean absolutely nothing.
Any poll can be manipulated to provide you with the answer
you are looking for.  It's all dependent on how you phrase
the questions.  Isn't that one of the larger theories in many of
the courtroom dramas that you see?  "Never ask a question
that you don't already have the answer to".  With the press
providing us with all this contradictory information, and then
whining and moaning about low voter turnout, what the
hell were they expecting?  They're gaming the system, as well.
They're hardly inspiring our fellow citizens to get out and
vote, or even arouse any curiosity about how our government
is set up to function. And there is a hell of a lot more at
stake than just a Presidential race, but we're not reading
much about that either.

Pancake time, and Mr. Squiggee is the cook.

10:00 AM

   The pancakes went well, other than throwing a bit of the
batter on my leg.  I must be ladle impaired.   Anyway, I
am know off to the grocery store and a couple of  errands.
Will be back this afternoon, or this evening.  I just wasn't finished.
It's been a while.


   Well, that moment of courage didn't last long, did it Ted?
I just read on the news that the Cruz-meister has finally
decided to endorse Trump for President. It's only been
a couple of months, Ted, and already you've decided to
sell your soul to the Party. That was your moment of
fame at the convention, and you just flushed it right down
the proverbial crapper.  I guess when the Republican Party
Chairman threatened to cut off any future election funding
for any party member that wouldn't endorse the Donald,
you lost your stones.  That's just the way it works when you
fall in league with bullies.  After all, weren't you one of
those tea baggers that was willing to shut down the
government if you didn't get your way?  Wasn't that
just a couple of years ago?  That maneuver didn't
show much integrity either.  Maybe you and Carly can get
together and commiserate.  Oh, you lost her phone
number?  Just look up Cruella DeVille in the phone book.
Maybe that's not such a great idea at the moment, as I'll
just bet she'll be screening your calls just so she won't
have to listen to your ass whine.
    Sorry, but I just put that last bit in just for fun. I was
more than a bit amused when the Cruz chose her for
a running mate in some desperate attempt to salvage
a nomination for the election.  Desperate people do
desperate shit.  And that was pretty desperate!
Almost as good as John McCain and Sarah Palin for
the 2008 election.
   I am sure that there will be plenty of press about
the Ted for a couple of days. It will be free publicity.
And that's what really matters.  I am almost certain that
he will pen some op-ed piece for one of the newspapers,
informing us of all the soul searching and angst that he
went through to reach his decision. And they will
print it, because the news algorithm tells them that
it's a trendy story.  And America loves trendy
above all else.  Cynicism and sarcasm, folks.  It's
free speech, remember?  If it's so disagreeable,
you should have stopped reading earlier.  I do
have an imagination, you know.!
   Enjoy the evening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016


  The events of this election cycle certainly has provided
us with all the elements of farce.  With all of the Donalds
blather about Mexico and illegal immigrants, I cannot
even begin to fathom why the Mexican government would
even let him in the country. And wasn't there some
crack about a taco truck on every corner in America?
And the news cycle this morning states that the putz of
a government official that invited him to Mexico has gotten
the heave ho.  Not sure that is true , however.  Wasn't the
brightest move, by far, on the diplomacy front.
  And then we have the Matt Lauer episode a couple
of days ago, which supposedly masqueraded itself as
a forum on world events.  First, and foremost, he's
nothing more than a TV host on a morning show.
And TV hosts, by and large, pander to which ever
way the proverbial wind is blowing.  I remember
seeing him on the Today show, reading the news, but I
never thought of him as having any journalistic chops.
It's the fact that he pandered to the Donald so openly
put people in such a snit.  But this whole election
cycle has been that way. It seems to function in the
land of innuendo.  All one has to do is imply
something, and the media runs off like a bunch of
lemmings.  And embellishing on a lie is the media's
modus operandi.
  And the news media likes to chastise itself and
openly tell themselves, and us, of the need to step
up and challenge the answers they are given by
some of these buffoons.  But they won't..They
have already chosen their path and this particular
one require the least amount of preparation and
mental effort.  A look of sincerity never hurts
either.  But most of all, it's sheer laziness on the
medias part.  We have to suffer through this
particular brand of horseshit for another 60 days.
And there is no other news happening in the world?
Can't continually hang your hat on mere speculation.
Yes, I am ranting a bit.  But only mildly.
   Our once powerful and informative newspapers

are marching toward becoming  a weekly

tabloid simply titled "Us Weekly", which one
can find prominently display at grocery store
check outs, alongside the TV Guide and the National
Enquirer (Inquirer)  Fodder, not news!
  Coffee time

Saturday, August 27, 2016


   And newer ones keep floating to the surface every day.
How can one possibly keep track of all this horseshit?  Sorry,
but you catch my drift.  And the news media seems to
have the strange notion that each one of them is newsworthy.
Not sure why, but they seem to be gaming the news cycle,
as well. Not much there one can verify, or quote, but that's
the most endearing and convenient thing about conspiracy
theories, they require absolutely no proof.  It can be all
makey up!
   These theories always have a benefactor. Someone who
gets to reap the rewards of this disinformation. Someone
higher up the food chain, so to speak  To hell with facts, we
like innuendo and speculation because there will be no paper
trail.  And this shit works really great because, once people
see it in print, they believe it has validity. It must be true, right?
And it has a link, so spread it around..
    I sound terribly sarcastic and cynical, but the people you meet
on the street and chat with don't tend to believe any of that
nonsense, but the media passes it along and soon it becomes
one of those "trending" items on social media pages. Tosh
and nonsense!  Not very entertaining, either.  But, hey,
manipulation is the name of the game.  All you have to
do is plant the idea, or the seed of an idea, and WHOOSH!
you're off and running.  It will make it's way around the
globe quicker than you can scratch your own behind.
   It's breakfast time, so I shall have to go do a bit of
prep work.  A bit of a treat this morning, compliments of moi!
Back in a while with further observations.

I made it back.  Everyone is noshing!

   OK, for those of you who may not have any extra
conspiracy theories lurking about, you can always opt
for a "rumor".  And rumors can be dropped even
more slyly than a theory.  It feeds on itself.  It also
spreads in very selected circles.  Shit, even the
needlepoint world has it's own grapevine for these
rumors  And, just like the conspiracy theories, not
a lot of effort is made to actually find out if these
rumors have any degree of truth.  Of course there
is always some sort of agenda behind initiating a rumor.
Always! People can be such petty little creatures.

 Most of us have had to sit in waiting rooms while
your car is being worked on, or your dog is a the vet, or
even a doctor's appointment..  It's boring. The magazines,
when you can find them, are usually out of date, too.
You used to be able to depend on finding, at the very
least, a "Good Housekeeping", a Tim" magazine, or a
couple of "Fish And Game".  Mixed in with this varied
collection would be an "Arizona Trailways" and a couple
of religious pamphlets.  One of these was called
"The Watchtower"  which was from the Jehovah's
Witnesses, and there  might be several others from
Baptist Ministries or the LDS Church.  These little
pamphlets were about hope and faith.  I would
read/browse through them and place them neatly
back in the rack. I still find these occasionally, but
they have been supplanted by pamphlets by something
called "Judicial Watch", and some other name that now
eludes me.  These tracts are the polar opposite
of the ones I mention.  These are about hatred and
thinly disguised hypocrisy.  They claim to be a
conservative watchdog group, but with the kind of
rhetoric I spotted in this four page sheet, they do not
like anyone, nor do they trust anyone.  There was some
hint at Christian values, but that hint became obscured
by the overly vitriolic dialog..  They tend to despise
everyone, and in particular, anyone who even uses
the term "democratic".  Like you stepped in dog shit
or something.  But I still can't, for the life of me,
understand why, or how, someone could become so
openly hateful.  It serves no purpose.  But then, again,
many people simply like to follow.  "Thinking is so awfully
stressful, and I shall just post a link and give people the
impressionism that I actually thought about something."
(Sorry, cynicism, again)  Sarcasm, too.  Later.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


   The summer Olympic Games down in Rio was a welcomed
diversion, over the last couple of weeks. As if the athletes competing
weren't enough, the press seemed to do it's best to stir up a
certain amount of nonsensical shit, and stir up animosities.
If you wander around looking for something snarky to pass
on to your readers, you most certainly will find something.
  Not to be outdone, of course, there were a few choice
tidbits that floated to the surface.  I understand Jerry Falwell
has been comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill.
I kid you not.  You couldn't make this shit up.  I didn't have the
stomach to read what he said, but I imagine the Brits do not
find this very amusing.  I didn't either, for that matter.Mixing
religion and politics certainly produces some very strange
alliances.  Wasn't he one of those televangelists at one point?
I can still remember Jim and Tammy Fay Baker, Pat Robertson
and his PTL club, and someone called Ernest Ansley, that
would suddenly appear on my TV screen late at night or on a
Sunday Morning..Occasionally you could get one of those
"fire and brimstone" kind of preachers/ministers, and they
could, at the very least, captivate your attention. I am not
a big proponent of a "one size fits all" approach to one's
faith.  The hucksterism factor doesn't thrill me , either.
I am just a firm believer that greed and faith do not go
"hand in hand".  Just my take.  I am still rather appalled by that
Kim Davis/Mike Huckabee thing down in KY.. Even the
Cruze-meister came down for the show.
  Her little self serving charade spawned numerous
"religious freedom" bills around the country. At least that
is what they were labeled.  Thinly disguised discrimination
bills, actually. These bills were about intolerance, rather
than tolerance. I was rather surprised when they didn't
trot her out at the convention in Cleveland. She, in
all probability would have gotten a "Thumbs Up" from
the cheering crown, while Ted Cruz got booed for
suggesting that people "vote their conscience".
   Time to make breakfast.  Back in a while.

7:30 AM

  There seems to be multiple "conspiracy theories"
floating about, as well. The latest to make the headlines
is that the election has already been rigged.  You
realize, without too much of a stretch, where this one is
coming from.  This particular one suggests co-conspirators
inside the higher echelons of government, as well as you know
who.  There have various Op-ed pieces in various newspapers
about promises being made at the various campaign stops.
The auto workers, steel workers, coal miners, etc.
The prevailing theory is to tell them what you think they want
to hear, even if it's an outright lie. A couple of "thumbs ups"
always brings roars of approval.  Preaching to the choir,
so to speak. "It's a Pep Rally, you fool! Of course they're
going to cheer"!     

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


   There's a nice phrase for you.  Thank you, Cokie Roberts, for that
one.  I haven't pursued the rest of the dialog surrounding this one,
but I am rather tickled by the accuracy. I did put the phrase into the
search engine, and , lo and behold, up popped her name and from
all manner of sources.  It seemed to have something to do with
the the Trumpster, or at the very least, his followers/brethren.
I wouldn't go so far as to call them his disciples, but you can
certainly catch my drift.  Cowardice and lack of conviction do
seem to go hand in hand these days.  It's like a contagion
   I thought you might like the above picture.  This particular bit
of landscape is east of us.  I was kinda tempted to put the caption:
"An illegal immigrant behind every bush" but, as you may have noticed,
there are no bushes.  A guess that's the true nature of being a
smart ass.   This is a rather unforgiving landscape, especially in
the summertime.  And that sun can be extremely brutal.  The pioneers
that first settled in this area had to be made of some pretty
tough stock.
   Anyway, I just thought I would share that phrase with you.  It also
is an apt description of quite a few folks currently in the political
arena.  The U.S. Congress would be a good place to start looking,
I do believe.  I mean, please, where else can you get lifetime benefits
for doing nothing?  All for the moment. Yes, I know, cynical, too!
To quote the Bushmeister, "Stuff Happens"!.

Thursday, August 11, 2016



Inciting hatred as a stepping stone to a Presidential election
makes one wonder just what kind of chaos the Donald is really
aspiring to. And the only real winner in an armed confrontation
is the weapons manufacturer.  And they're laughing all the way
to the bank.  Everyone else is just a loser!


   The title of this blog post is actually a song title.  The song dates
back to 1971, and was written and recorded by John Prine on
on his first album.  This was, at the time, considered to be an
anti-war song. The war in Vietnam, to be a bit more precise.
I first heard it on the car radio.  I had mustered out of the service
after returning from SE Asia back in 1969. Quite unlike the
returning troops at the end of WW II, we weren't exactly
welcomed back by a particularly gracious nation.  It was, to
put it mildly, a rather unpopular war.
   This song, when I first heard it, spoke to me of the perils
of "blind patriotism".  Within the frame of this past election
year rhetoric, each time the Trumpster trots onto stage with his
flag lapel pin on his suit, and clamors on about  making
America great again, I think about that song.  I think about
how disingenuous the man really is behind all that flag waving
facade. And he functions along the same parameters as every
other bully I have ever met or known. Or read about.
  I did go out and purchase that album, by the way. I would
consider this album to be folk music with a country flavor.
One of the songs on this album was "Angel from Montgomery".
On many levels this was a very socially conscious album.
From "Hello In There", all they way down to "Sam Stone".
This was not lightweight fare. It spoke on so many levels.
After all this time, I still remember all the lyrics. Although I
nknew nothing about the author or singer of these songs, it
was readily apparent that he was a Veteran.  One does not
grasp these kind of observations out of thin air.
   I mention all of this, and the song, because, as much as
anything else, I rather loathe the cowardice of the Trumpster..
That willingness to demean anyone that has the audacity to
question him. That willingness to incite people and then
act somewhat surprised and amused by the end result.
It is eerily reminiscent of an adolescent tossing lit firecrackers
onto a playground so that he can watch the ensuing chaos.
Not good.
   Anyway, that's about the size of it for this morning. Fortunately
the only holiday between now and the election is Labor Day,
and Halloween.  And you can be sure that he will attack the
unions, in some manner, on Labor Day. One would think that,
since the Donald resides in NYC, that he would at least be
aware of the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire and the struggles
of the Garment Workers Union  during the early part of
the last century, but I rather doubt historical narratives of
the city are high on his reading list.  Maybe "cliff notes".
Or, better yet, "I shall get my peoples' to look into it".
   All for this morning.  It's a Monday, after all.

OK, I am back. It's around 1;25 PM.  I figured I might as
well.  Here goes.

  The most "epic fail" of the last 16 month election cycle
has been the press/media..  There is a vast difference between
report the news, and manufacturing it. Obviously investigative
journalism doesn't provide as big a paycheck  wqhen you
compare it to "click bait journalism". The more clicks on

your story/article receives, the fatter the paycheck.  I have
noticed, as many of you have, that the quality of writing
has taken some serious hits.  So, many of the stories
that you see in your paper are not even employees of the
newspaper..  They are freelancers, and probably some
bloggers, that referencematerial they have found elsewhere,
change a bit of the wording , juice it up a bit, and voila,
some competition for the National Enquirer.  The more clicks
the better.. And it's all done with such urgency.  Who
possibly has the time to verify a source or check to see even
it has a ring of truth to it?
   As silly as that may sound, look up "click bait journalism"
on your computer and see what you'll find.  There a good
articl from NPR on the subject, and several others.  In an odd
sort of fashion it rminds me of an old Ray Bradbury story/movie,
Fahrenheit 451..  Owning books was forbidden, and squads
of government agents/firemen would confiscate these books
and burn them.  Reading only gave people ideas, and it was much
easier to control them when you could control the information
they received.  This was written back in 1953, during
the McCarthy era  when writers were blacklisted and jailed
for not answering questions about their associates.  Being
considered a socialist was  "guilt by association". Can't happen
here, you say? After watch Trey Gowdy and Mike Lee
questioning the president of Planned Parenthood and that
travesty on Benghazi, don't be so sure. The movie, and the
story, were about censorship and control of what you
hear and see. I am not a big conspiracy theory person,
but if you take a good look at how the Internet has encroached
upon our lives, it certainly has the ability to be used in such a
manner.. Sure it can.  And your Internet connection does go
down without apparent reason doesn't it?  What if they decide
not to switch it back on while certain events are taking place?
  I am not sure that hearing the Donald speak of religious
tests and profiling was exactly news, either.  Even if it was
at a campaign speech in Youngstown, Ohio, it was hardly
newsworthy.  What's next, my man?  Maybe a bit of
ethnic cleansing to go along with this new found love of
humanity?  I seem to recall that this was used in the last
century.  Does six million ring a bell?.  Maybe he'll just
show us some true "heart", and just toss 'em over the new wall.
Maybe let those "devious Mexicans" deal with them.
(Sorry, I know that last comment was in extremely poor
taste).  I just don't have any doubt's that's the was he truly
feels about people, particularly anyone that doesn't agree
with him.  Gotta run to the PO.

He's back!  Echoes of "Poltergeist".

  This rather ugly side of this election seems to be leeching
into places like FaceBook as well.  I just saw some sort of
post/ling with Sarah Palin's face.  Not interested. I do
realize that this is supposed to be a social networking site,
but I am of the opinion that she doesn't really have anything to
say that would be socially relevant or remotely inspiring.
That's just my take on it.  I wind up deleting these posts
anyway.  I am just grateful that I don't have to listen to her,
either.  There seems to be a lot of dubious information
and links posted on there anyway.  No Elvis sittings, but
you catch my drift.  Was she at the convention in Cleveland?
The local paper had an editorial from someone that claimed to
have worke for the Donald back in the 80's and 90's during
the Donald's casino days.  His little diatribe was just how unfit
for public office that he felt the Donald was.  Nothing new
in what he had to say.  Bullies don't change, they just get
more intense.  If you lived in the proximity of the D.C.- New York
City corridor during that period of time you already knew, or
at least heard, of the dubious nature of his business ventures
and real estate deals.
   On another note, Gail did post a small blog this morning..
Nothing real heady, but just a bit of a heads up.  Been a bit
occupied with other things, so  to speak.
  Arizona, and especially Tucson, was a part of Mexico until
1853.  Among the indigenous inhabitants of this area, in addition
to being of Mexican and/or Spanish descent, also was
home to many Indian Tribes.  There are numerous reservations
in the area, and numerous tribes.  The white man sticks out like
a sore thumb down here.  I tell you this because when the Trumpster
goes on one of these tirades I am ay a loss to figure out exactly who
he is referring to.  Certainly not the people I see on a day to day
basis when I go to the market, or just go wandering around town.
And ,contrary to the blather, I find the Mexican and Latin cultures
very family oriented.Of course I found the same thing when we
lived in close proximity to the Pentagon in Northern Virginia.
I also read somewhere that the US also asked for help from
the indigenous Mexicans to help rid it of some of the Indian tribes they
had deemed as "Savages".  "Imminent Domain" and all that
land grabbing business.  History tells us all sorts of secrets if you take
the time to look. Some good and some bad.  Ying and yang, poon and
tang, so to speak.  Tacky, wasn't it?  Later!   I just felt a bit chatty today.