Friday, June 14, 2019


  Guess she'll be taking "The Sycophant Express" out
town. Bummer, no?
   I imagine she will rejoin Daddy Mike's cult down in
Arkansas, and go about spreading joy and misinformation
to the huddled masses.  For a fee, of course!
  No more Sarah Sanders to enlighten us all.  Boo Hoo!
  Ta!  You will not be missed!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


  Good morning! History is, in fact, repeating itself.
Or, as they saying goes, "If you can't figure out where
you screwed up before, you're bound to make the same
mistake again.".  Apart from too much else it appears
to be the special interest groups that seem insistent on
taking us back to some mythical place in time where
we all stuck our heads in the sand and did as we were
told.  And the perpetrators of this mythical kingdom
could make money hand over fist while we sat around
scratching our asses wondering how it all happened.
   Like I said, history repeats itself.  And while the press
and idiot boy quibble  and call each other names, the
rest of us just get on with life.  And the press can't seem
to figure out whether a candidate is a shit head or
just another lost soul.  It varies from day to day. One
day they love you and the next day you're just a big
pile of poop.  Silly analogy, but not far off. What seems
to sell now in the newspapers is "speculation".  Not news,
that is for sure.  But you can certainly see where the
march backwards is taking us.  Corporate profits are
up, but that never trickles down.  And these folks learned
long ago how to stash and hide money. offshore and
elsewhere.  Shell companies, etc. Denial of voting rights, etc.
It all still boils down to control and consolidation of power.
   We are at least 16 months from the next election.  By the
time it rolls around we will feel like we have overdosed.
Maybe the press will pull it's head out of it's own ass, but
I am not optimistic. Many of the articles are heavy on the
current jargon, but sorely lacking in content.  I think a
great many of them are paid by the number of words they use.
   Yesterday was 105 here in Tucson. I need to get dressed
and head to the grocery store before its really starts to heat up.
   All for the moment.  I shall edit later.