Tuesday, August 29, 2017


   If you're looking for the real America, look no further than
that flotilla of citizens in their boats rescuing their
fellow citizens down in Houston.  That, ladies and gents, is us.
This is what we are.   This is when we excel as a community,
despite any differences we may have..

Thursday, August 24, 2017


 My original title for this post was:"Seven Months Of Nonsense",
but, since it's been a while since I wrote anything, I opted for
something a bit more simplistic.
    Today is also "Throwback Thursday".  This is one of those
things that popped up on Facebook as TBT.  I finally had to ask
what it meant.
  Ever onward, as they say.

   King Cheeto gave one of his pep rally's up in Phoenix a couple of
days ago.  Reading, or attempting to read the text of his speech is like
wading through treacle. It's not much more than an incoherent rant
aimed pointedly at anyone that does not agree with his visions.
His "base", as the press so vaguely categorizes them, ate that shit
up.  He adores his groupies to adore him more than anything else
in the world.  I guess all that slobbering  adoration from Mike Pence
is just not enough.  It was as to be expected.  Much ado about
   I actually made the mistake of turning on the car radio the other day
and it was filled with the why's and where fore's of the events in
Charlottsville.  The media likes to beat up on each news event to
the point that you just don't want to hear any more about it.  This
went on for about five days or so.  The week before it was about
North Korea and all of the doomsday prophecy's.  Armageddon, and
all of that.
  There does seem to be an awful lot of overreaction with each
news event.  It all gets analyzed to death., mostly by a panel
of academics  that sound more and more like politicians with each
passing day. 
  One of the headlines on one of these tabloids pictured three
women that had just departed the big rally.  The caption asked
why the like the Cheeto, and the response was:  "He's anti-left,
He's anti- PC, and he's anti-stupid".  I kid you not, they
actually had quotes around this.  Apart from anything else
this rather pointless  statement tells us absolutely nothing. Sounded
like a trio of meth head groupies. Not much in the way of
originality there, either.  Much the same as all those folks that
constantly post links to a story on FB.  Unwilling, or unable,
to actually use their own words or thoughts to voice an
opinion on a topic.
   The news media, rather than reporting the news, seems to
want to interpret it for us as well.  It's thinly disguised as :
perspective, analysis, and opinion.  Those are the most
common phrases they like to use.
  Anyway, I am going to pour myself a cup of coffee, and
wait for the government to shut down because the
Cheeto is pissed that nobody wants his wall.
   There really isn't anything to be surprised about with his
antics.  Like most narcissists, he just can't comprehend
why the rest of the world doesn't love him as much as he
loves himself.
   Just a few random thought.  Hey, it's been a while.  A
few misspellings, but we'll all have to live with that.