Sunday, January 22, 2017


    What the hell does that mean?  Not quite sure
what part of the planet that you dwell in, but
it might not be a bad idea to lay off the crack pipe
for a couple of weeks, or so.  Maybe you and that
media whore need to come back down here with
the rest of us.  Poor thing, so jealous of the rest of the
    Just a thought.

This book was sent to me by Kellyanne Conway and
the Trump Administration just to help me with my obvious
problems with comprehension..


   I rather thought you might like the Teddy Roosevelt
quote and pix.  I actually spotted this on FaceBook.
This small little statement is a pointed reminder of
who we are as a nation.
   Have you seen the photographs of the various
demonstrations and marches that took place yesterday?
Although the press may attempt to downplay these numerous
events as a waste of time and energy, I find them quite
inspiring. There is your America. Standing tall. Diverse.
This is the "We" in "We The People".
   And, as the young woman at the Dollar store informed
me last night, there was also a march in Tucson yesterday.
I saw photographs from Paris, London, Australia, Chicago,
Denver, Austin, and many other locations. I view it all
with a great sense of pride. United we stand.  There was your
act of patriotism..

8:55 AM   I am back
    Yes, I do realize that my earlier post was tossed out there
pretty quickly.  We have been inundated over the past year and
a half with this dulling monotonous drivel of election
coverage. Each day was the same-o same-o. I found the
whole thing extremely boring.  So did most of my fellow
citizens. We just wanted it to be over so we could get on
with our lives. The press was relentless in their pursuit of
nothingness.  They're still trying to drag out the plight of
some person in middle America that felt betrayed and left
behind by the world events of the last 15 or so years.  The
world changed and, for whatever reason, they decided that they
did not want to go along for the ride.  And they think that
the Trump is going to be their savior?  He's going to click his
heels and suddenly these folks will be rolling in clover.?
How delusional is that?  There are at least three or fourof these lame ass stories every week in various newspapers,
which leads me to believe that some of these writers just keep
recycling the same damn story and just shift the location,
and a few of the particulars to another town.  And these
little articles are always so vague.  And they're always
lamenting those elitists in Washington, meanwhile
they just help put the definition of elitism in the White House.
   Seeing my fellow citizens actually come out voice their
displeasure and dissent reminded me of why our ancestors
came to these fair shores. They didn't take kindly to oppression,
   To put it more precisely, The President and those members of
Congress are our employees.  They were voted into office to
represent us, and we most certainly have the right and the duty
to question their integrity and their willingness to perform the
duties set out in our Constitution.
   All that being said, and with the media's limited attention span,
any mention of the marches and demonstrations will disapper
from view.  But we shall be regaled by stories of how the
Donald was dissed by the press and "don't get no respect".
You ain't earned it yet, bro'.  And on so many levels.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


    I decided to leave the picture of the statue canvas
at the top of the blog. With all the brouhaha taking
place over the next few days, I find the image of this
rather serene figure quite comforting.  I do have some
errands to attend to this morning, but I plan on keeping
off the roadways tomorrow.  I sense that the public
will be in a somewhat testy mood tomorrow.
   The biggest, and most insightful news is that
Tony Orlando will be singing at one of the Balls.  Shit, I
thought he was dead.  What a coup to have the singer
of "Knock Three Times On the Ceiling If You Want Me,
Twice On The Pipe If The Answer Is No!". And who can
possibly forget that chart topper "Tie A Yellow Ribbon
'Round The Old Oak Tree".  Lounge music extraordinaire
One can only assume that he got this gig primarily because
he knows how to do that magnanimous "Thumbs Up" that the
Donald loves so much. I kid you not.
This comes from the era of "bubble-gum" muzac in the music world.
Right up there with the other equally forgettable music
best categorized as "schlock".  This does not strike me
as a crowd that enjoys music anyway.  I guess they
were just going for some background elevator music
to drown out the huddled masses.  Maybe Ben Carson
can show his pals how to do the "Funky Chicken".
   I'll make a wager that the various law enforcement
agencies in the DC area have done numerous sweeps
to make the homeless people sleeping on the grates and
under bridges magically disappear.  Can't be having
all those dignitaries brush up against humanity now,
can we?  That's just my slightly snarky take on things, I
guess.  More in a while.  Errands to do.  It's looking
like it might rain a bit later, too.

  For those of you that are not familiar with the theme
song for the Inaugural parade, I have provided you with
the lyrics to this little ditty, below, along with a pix of
the band that made it so famous.  With a bit of ingenuity
you can locate a performance of this fab tune on
YouTube or any number of places.  This will allow
you to do your own Karaoke version of it while
you watch the procession down Independence Ave.
The lyrics are below the pix. Rumor has it that this
will be part of the Coronation Dance right after
Paul Anka sings "My Way".  Makes you long for
one of those air sickness bags.

                 ZZ TOP.


I been up, I been down.
Take my word, my way around.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.

I been bad, I been good,
Dallas, Texas, Hollywood.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.

Take me back way back home,
not by myself, not alone.
I ain't askin' for much.
I said, Lord, take me downtown,
I'm just lookin' for some tush.