Friday, March 31, 2017


   Having any sort of dinner with that sanctimonious
little tight ass is closely akin to sitting and watching paint
dry.  You're obviously in the wrong century, dude!
I am referring to VP Mike Pence, of course.  There have
been a  few articles in the newspapers over the last
couple of days, obviously to let us all know what
a righteous dude he is. I seem to recall that he was
chosen as a running mate because he actually was so
boring and out of touch with the rest of the world.
  His hatred for Planned Parenthood, even while being
the Governor of Indiana, is legendary.  He tried to get
them unfunded for numerous years.  I bet he almost
wet himself when he got the opportunity to cast the
tie breaking vote, as VP, to defund it again.
   This begs the question: "What exactly is it about
women that you find so unworthy, apart from your
wife, of course?'  The GOP certainly seems to
have a rather dim view as to the value of women in our
society.The current GOP seems to resemble the
same rigid sort of doctrine as the Taliban, without the
   Somewhere in the midst of the articles I read dear old
lost Mike referred to his wife as his "Prayer Warrior".
I kid you not!  Anyone know what this is?  Doesn't
make any sense to me either. Sounds like so much other
gibberish that's coming from the White House these days.
I wonder what he's going to do with all those cases of Viagra
that were shipped to the VP residence.  Better keep him
away from The Bada Bing! 

Monday, March 27, 2017


    I thought you might enjoy the sentiments expressed
in the canvas at the top of the page.  It pretty much says
it all, especially in respect to all that whining this  weekend
coming out of the  D.C. madhouse.  And the newspapers
are publishing every lame theory they can come up with,
to explain why this healthcare bill tanked. It tanked primarily
because it had nothing to do with healthcare Six years of
whining to come up with that piece of shit?
   The Donald seems to think it was about a lack of loyalty,
or stonewalling by the Democratic Party, etc.If it was so
great then why couldn't they even vote on the  damn thing?
Of course Congressional leaders will tell you that this is
merely a temporary setback and that they will keep advancing
bills to repeal Obamacare, one way or another. I think this
is their 61st effort to repeal.
  It appears that this administration wants to return to
the early days of the Industrial Revolution. As technology
keeps advancing going backwards is just not a viable
option. He can poo poo solar energy and the numerous
renewable energy advances, but it will not stop the
movement forward. If you were to drive around Tucson you
would see quite a number of solar installations, even a
rather large array at the VA hospital, and numerous other
   And what about those rivers and tributaries that took
so long to clean up?  Now were supposed to sit idly
by while they become polluted again.  Anybody here
remember the stench coming off the rivers years ago?
The Hudson River and the Chesapeake Bay just to name
a couple.
   Are we going to back to leaded gasoline, as well?
The press seems to have this odd notion that the
Prez is suddenly change his behavior and think of
moving this country forward, but, as they say, "the
leopard does not change his spots", and these people
seem to be forever stuck in this pipe dream.  This is
it, folks.  He's shown you from the very beginning that
he has no intention of changing, not for anyone, and
certainly not to move America forward.
  I am reminded of that song by Mose Allison:
"Your mind is on vacation,
But your mouth is working overtime".

   That pretty much sums it up.  Last I looked he is now
conservatives in Congress, as well.  A rather
scatter shot approach, don't you think?  I think that
"bad hombre" is the one between your ears, Mr. Prez.
  And the stench of nepotism in this admin. is as
repugnant as the  man himself.  And isn't there inquiries
about the son in laws dealings with Russian businesses?
And the Donald wants to give him some sort of advisory
job on his council to help him dismantle the government.
This doesn't raise any eyebrows or queries from the Republicans
in Congress?  It damn sure does with the rest of America!

Saturday, March 25, 2017


   This will be the Washington D.C. version of the
"Gong Show".  The bottom line for all of this sort
of nonsense is that this new Health Care  Act that
Paul Ryan and his cohorts were trying to shove
through the House was actually a full blown piece of
shit.  It took you six years to come up with this pile
of nonsense?  And they couldn't even manage
to get it to a vote o the House floor.  Yank and burn,
but their intentions on this bill became  quite clear:
"If you're not part of the upper income bracket, just
give us your wallet and we shall take whatever you got".
I think Tony Soprano called this a "walletectomy".  Pretty
accurate actually.
   At least the events of yesterday took that smug
smirk off the face of Paul Ryan.  Donny, of course,
blamed the Democrats.  Yo', bro, your own party tanked
this piece of shit!  Their reasoning for not backing the
whole thing was that it was not severe enough, or profitable
   Either way, it's gonna be one of those whiny weekends.
May the Liar In Chief will head down for some golf to ease
his angst.  And poor Paul, he wasted all that time on his
pie charts, etc.  Oh, well, of to the proverbial dung heap with
that batch.  You sure did waste a lot off the taxpayers money
floundering around and accomplishing nothing.
  Ought to be an interesting weekend. I am sure the Donald will
provide us with some less than entertaining tweets.  Off the rails,
so to speak.   All for the moment.