Monday, February 4, 2019


    Good morning.  By numerous accounts it sounds as though
the Super Bowl was a bit of a snoozefest. Ditto the halftime
show. And, as I understand it, some of the performance song
lyrics needed to be bleeped out.  The selection of the performers
were groups I am not familiar with, but that's really not too
surprising.  I think at least one of them was a rap performer,
and that particular genre truly escapes me. Not to sound too
terribly archaic, but I do rather prefer something a trifle
more melodic, and with a slightly lower decibel level.  They
certainly do spent oodles of money on this sort of thing, don't
   And now we expected to endure  the slog that is to be the
SOTU address  from Cheeto Boy. We already know what the
fool is going to ramble on about, so many of us will also be giving
that a big miss. And I understand that the guy that owns
Starbucks is also thinking of running for Prez. in 2020.  Geez,
anyone that can shake your ass down by charging you $4 for
a cup of damn coffee, doesn't seem like anything more than
another greedy ass piece of shit looking to line his pockets.
And pick up a couple of new franchises in the process. He's
also just another in the myriad line of "Union busters".
A rather fitting quote is "Damn people expect to be paid
for working. What the hell is wrong with this world"! Or
something along those lines.
  I imagine that  the SOTU address will also include
numerous digs at Nancy Pelosi, et. al. A rather sweeping
condemnation against anyone that disagrees with his
loathsome carcass.  He's been wanking on that for quite
some time now.  He's like that crazy Uncle you feel obliged
to invite to Thanksgiving Dinner that always talks about the
same old thing, year after bloody year. Wearing ear plugs
at the dinner table seems so gauche, doesn't it?
   I rather miss Art Buchwald. Not a lot of humor in
today's newspapers, either. The only person I can think of,
offhand, is Gail Collins at the NYT. A viewpoint with
a bit of a twist.  OK, breakfast time.  So hang on.

10:30 AM--   Made it back.

    I am not a big fan of the current "Kangaroo Court"
mentality that  has become so prevalent in so many of
print media outlets.  Reminds you of many of those
old westerns where the local mob was ready to "hang em",
merely on a supposition. I seem to recall part of one
of those oft quoted passages from the Bible: "Let he who is
without sin cast the first stone."  And so many of the current
editorials seem to buy into that "rush to judgment."
Anyone recall the Hollywood blacklists of the early 50's
and the zealotry of the McCarthy era.  Guilt by suspicion,
was the term that so aptly labeled people, sans any degree of proof.
You have to wonder where the seasoned editors that are savvy
enough to spot one of these stink bombs before they become
complicit and print  before they even show some due diligence
and verify they have the truth.  A lot of fiction is tossed out as
fact, or shall we use the term "alternate facts"?  Nonsense is
nonsense, same as it always was.  But people are just as easily
manipulated now as they ever were.  Unfortunately.

Sunday, February 3, 2019


   Good afternoon on what is commonly referred to as
Super Bowl Sunday.  FYI, I do not partake.  I haven't
watched a Super Bowl for the last 30 years.  It just
doesn't interest me, so all the present hoopla in the press
is wasted on yours truly.  Mr. Squiggee is, as they say
an entirely different kettle of fish.  For what it's worth,
it just bores me,  and the obligatory nonsense with the half
time show and that incessant whining about the national
anthem, is just a bit much.
   The latest brouhaha in the press is the bit about the Gov.
of Va. This has been the central focus of the press for the
last couple of days. It's also ambush journalism, and
unfortunately this less than stellar effort at corroborating
a story before publishing it, is doing nothing for the
credibility of many of these publications. A very rash and
quick rush to judgment before all facts are known.  A
story that is 35 years old and from very questionable sources.
The comments section in many newspapers will show you
that many of our fellow citizens seem to take all of this at
face value, rather than question the obvious lapses in  fact
finding.  Too many Sarah Sanders wannabes.
   Did you catch that horse's ass stating that God sent us
Donald Trump to save America? Oh, and that crack about
the government shutdown making us better people.  You
just can't make this shit up.  I digress, sorry.
   In the mail this week was a flyer from ( drum roll, please)
Judicial Watch., which is an ultra conservative propaganda
outfit, much like the "Faith and Freedom Coalition". Among
the luminaries whose names appear in these tracts, are Newt
Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Mike Pence,  and numerous other
Fox news charmers.  And we mustn't forget dar little Sarah Palin
and Ben ( slavery was an immigration platform) Carson
They,too, advance the notion that(Yes indeedy) the Trumpster
is the proverbial Second Comingof God Almighty.
   Little did they know that they had mistakenly sent this
tract to one of those ne'er do well heathens  that is not of
the same cloth.  In all probability I would be one of those
that would be greeted with fire and brimstone fury. And they
would probably brand me with a "666" on my worthless
forehead  and be forever condemned.  It's 'really
rather difficult to read these little tracts, primarily because
they always seem to be having major issues with  coherent
thought.   It goes from one conspiracy to another. The also
list the following groups as some sort of affiliates:
Gateway Pundit, Breibart, and Capital Research Center.
Of course they're also requesting donations from "Real
American Patriots" to help smite the wicked and
condemn those nasty ass  skeptics to a long sentence in
purgatory.  They throw in Jerry Falwell and Franklin Graham
on the tail end of this pamphlet, just to let you know that
their God can certainly put your bucks to good use.
Cynical little shit, ain't I?
    In the background we are listening to an audio book.
It's the unabridged version of Sycamore Row by John
Grisham.  It's 16 CD's, so it's a nice long book.  You
can listen to these sorts of books as you go about your
daily agenda around the house.  Great for ones imagination,
too.  Time to make some coffee.

7:06 PM

   I shall be back with more in the AM.  See you then.

Saturday, January 19, 2019