Wednesday, October 18, 2017


    But Kim Davis was so offended that the Harv only gave
her a less than casual glance, that she took her anti-gay
shtick on the road to Romania.  Pious little thing is still
clamoring for her ten seconds of fame.  I am not quite
sure why the press thinks the general public has some
pressing desire to hear of the exploits of those always
on the fringe of society.  Not much interested in the
mutterings of Bannon and his ilk either.
  I used to really enjoy reading the newspaper, but these days
I might be able to locate only one or two stories a day
that I might get past the headline.  It all seems so terribly
repetitive and trite.  And the Donald is such a bore.
One of the better quotes I have seen is that "He has
two brain cells that have never met".  Pretty accurate
assessment.  Shit, we don't have to worry about
"fake news", cause he shows us what a dolt he is each
time he opens his mouth.  It's bad enough trying
to read one of his speeches, so not having to listen to
him is an absolute blessing.  I understand that the first wife,
Ivana, has just written some sort of book on parenting.
Gee, her claim to fame is raising Beavis and Butthead,
and the daughter that claims to be a beacon to the
empowerment of women everywhere.  There's some of that
real celebrity fame for you. Ivanka did some interview in
the Oct 16th edition of "US" magazine and even a twelve
year old wouldn't be fooled by that rubbish.  Vapid is the
word I seem to be groping for.
   And if Richard Spenser loves that statue of Robert E. Lee
so damn much  maybe the city of Charlottseville should
just uproot it and deliver it to his house.  Everyone likes
lawn ornaments, don't they? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't
this white supremacy thing tank in Germany during the last
century.  And whee, pray tell, do they plan on erecting
this ultra white "field of dreams"?  Doesn't scan in this
country, so maybe they need to be on the lookout for
some island that is for sale.  We'll send twinkies.
   See, the press is not the only outlet that can be glib.
And poor Micth McConnell always looks like he's
still feeling the effects of his exam at the proctoligist.
Coffee time 

I'm back

   "To Kill A Mockingbird" has been banned again.  This
time it's from a school district down in Miss.  The reason
given for this was that it's content was "upsetting." What
planet are these people on?  Look out your window, putz.
The Donald is still having his spat with the NFL. I will
take the silent kneeling of a citizen over the obnoxious
bullshit on Fox News any old day of the week.  He's
quite oblivious to the reasoning for the gesture, anyway.

Monday, October 9, 2017


     Some mornings start out kinda slow.  Since Monday is
trash day, I have to get up just a bit earlier to put it out by
the roadside.  If you put it out the night before, the coyotes
will spread it all over the streets..  Some nights the howling of
the pack wakes you up.  Thank goodness for the fence.
   I will get to the photo a bit later.  This is a custom canvas
that Gail designed for a woman down in Texas  I'm sure
many of us are familiar with "The Adams Family".  There
was a TV show by this moniker back in the 60's.  The show
was somewhat loosely based on the illustrations/cartoons
of Charles Adams.  The verse at the bottom of the picture was
part of the theme song of the show, which was filmed in
black and white. In fact, most of the illustrations that I've seem
of Charles Adams were also in black and white.  Me, I always
liked the odd sense of humor.  More on the canvas later.  Not
quite awake yet.
   The "Wussy" award this morning goes out to VP Mike Pence
Yep, the Cheeto's doormat  once again showed what a spineless
wonder he is by walking out of  pro football game because a player
on the field  knelt during the anthem. This little display was at
the Donald's behest, of course.  I was always under the assumption that
kneeling was a display of reverence.  On to other issues.
   I understand the Donald is banging on about that border wall
again.  Just like a dog with a bone. Poor boy seems incredibly lost.
Anybody here familiar with Harvey Weinstein?  The name didn't even
show up on the radar until last week, but the press seems to be
very insistent that he is someone we should all be informed about.
But the vast majority of the public just doesn't really give a shit
about this particular storyline.  Not part of our world, so to speak.
Tabloid fodder.  For the most part, the press  just seems to
be fanning the flames of ignorance  these days, rather that
providing us with useful information.

Monday, September 25, 2017


     First I would like to thank the members of the NFL and
also the Golden State Warriors for their displays of unity
yesterday. "Sometimes you say it best when you say nothing
at all."  The gesture said everything.  It also took a lot of courage.
Freedom of of speech applies to all.
    As usual, the media was all over this yesterday.  Even the BBC
had photos, since there was an exhibition game in London yesterday.
Of course there will always be naysayers and commenter's that
really don't understand what this was about, and generally speaking, these
seem to be the ones that make some of the vilest sort of comments on
virtually any subject.
   I was reminded of that flotilla of boats down in Houston and the rescue
efforts down in Fla.   In the face of adversity we, as a nation, come together.
You screw with one of us, and you screw with all of us.  All of this
takes more courage than the Big Cheeto will ever have.
   There is going to be a lot more in the news media over the next few days.
An awful lot of noise and confusing commentary and I would venture
to speculate that many of these comments and opinions will be
coming from those who genuinely lack the courage to take a stand on any
issue.  Talk is cheap, as they say.